A walk through Grandma and Grandpa’s house

It is funny what you can remember.

I could not fall asleep last night and for some reason I started remembering my Grandparents house. I have not been there for years but I started recalling the smell on their outside porch as you walked in. The porch was where the laundry machine was so it smelled of fabric softener and concrete floor. Then I pictured the door handle of the door. It was a clear glass knob that was rattled from being used for so many years. As a little girl I thought it was beautiful because it looked like a diamond. I my head I can go room by room in that house remembering details of each room.

gg house

This is me age 5 or 6 in the front room showing off an outfit I had created from the play clothes. That is one awesome Delta Rabbit!


The kitchen with its green plastic cups, diet coke in the fridge and the snickers in the top of the skinny cabinet. The front room with the fern in the front window, the biggest mirror I had ever seen hung over the fireplace, and their recliner chairs always across the room from each other. In the built-in right inside Grandma’s room was the card games. I spent little time in there but I remember Grandma slept on the side closest to the window and Grandpa left his boots by the side of his bed. Or were they left by a chair on his side? The pink room was where I would sleep if I stayed the night. A big bed with cold sheets and pink chenille bedspread. That pink bedspread looked so fancy with all that feminine detail and someday I will have one on own my bed. The one bathroom had little fancy soaps, soft toilet seat cover, hair curlers with pink plastic pins, and always had a spray can of air freshener. I can’t recall the exact scent but I know that have smelled it again and have been taken right back to that bathroom. It had a loud pattern on the linoleum floor and textured wallpaper down the hall. Light switches that you really had to push to flip them on.

gg house2

That is me on the right with cousins at Thanksgiving time playing in the back room. That is where the kids spent most of our time because that we were not in anyone’s way.


In my mind I took a walk thru the whole house. It makes me sad that I can’t go back to visit that house. That time has to pass and things change so much. Sometimes I wish that I could jump back in time to see it one more time or that I could have just appreciated it more while I was there.