Things I know – sandbox

things i knowthingsi know- sandbox1- Rose loves the sand at the park. She will play the majority of the time there so now that we have a back yard I ask myself do I want to put a sand box out back? Do I want sand to make its way into the house? Do I want Rose to love playing outside in it? Would it become a hostel for all the creepy crawly biting things out there? plans for that sandbox

2- Thank goodness for YouTube. As a newbie at home improvement it has come in really handy.

3- I am leaning towards this color to paint first. But I am stuck as to which room to start with and I know rose will be all about helping. Painting is my relaxing quiet time so I am not sure if I want/could handle her help. It might get to messy literally and figuratively.

4- While pulling weeds in my back yard I found a distinct leaf shaped weed growing. Sure hope it is the non useful kind of weed and not the illegal one.