The dreaded blank page

I like being creative but a blank page makes me so nervous. Don’t get me started on how much an actual real-grown-up-artist-approved notebook makes me feel. It will sit unused for years because I don’t want to ruin it with drawing something ugly.

blank page doodle

To avoid these feelings I have found doodling in a regular spiral notebook helps me move past the block of fear. The fact that it cost me a dollar or two makes it easier to create a master piece or piece of crap.

Recently I have enjoyed drawing the kids requests on a butcher paper roll. I draw the outline and then let them color it in. It usually doesn’t come out the greatest but I have two requirements for this creativity.
1- The drawing keeps them and me entertained.
2- They are proud of what they thought up and colored.

If anyone has these two simple goals for being creative it takes the pressure of making master pieces off.