My after-bed-time project

I am remembering how slow projects go when you have a newborn.Rose side table

I took months for me to finish Rose’s crib project because of lack of motivation and short time in between feedings. Now I have a three yr old that would love to help by smearing paint everywhere. So I am only working on the side table after bedtime.


In the morning Rose was so excited to see it was turning pink. So excited that she had to get some of her books to test it out.

March 2

thrift frame thrift frame1 thrift frame2Some things that I realized while doing this project are

1. I love to have photos of my family on my walls.

2. We now have cameras to take great personal photos we need use them and then get more pictures printed.

3. Don’t be scared of making enlargements. At the right place they are not very expensive and the visual impact of such a large print is totally worth it.