It is football season

It is that time of year again. Where hope springs eternal, coaches have only positive things to say, and every Saturday is devoted to cheering on your team. But there is one problem in our house which team color to wear?

born to be

Blue for the Aggies? or Red for the Huskers? Do you go with the team that is most likely to win? Do you go with the one plays first in the day? Do you go with the color that he looks best in? Sometimes the decision is made easy for you by spitting up and end up wearing both.

borntobe blue
click here to get your own “born to be blue” onsie

borntobe red
click here to get your own “born to be red” onsie

December 1

Welcome to December.

Stockings – Pottery Barn Kids
Advent Calendar – Pottery Barn Kids
Olive branch Wreath – Pottery Barn
Red berry Wreath – Target
skinny tree – amazon
noel sign – lynx creek design
gift tags – paper wonder shop
Card – pearthetical press

April 30

My baby girl only turns 1 once so I saw this as a time where I could do something for special for her. A simple party that when she looks back on the pictures she will see that birthday’s are a day where the birthday girl is the most special person in the world.

Thank you’s are in order for pinterest for the cake design idea.

Rose liked watching her “candles” blow out. She had fun eating pretzels with friends and loved seeing all of her family and friends that had come it to celebrate with her.

Rose played so much that after the party she had a quick bath to clean off all the cake frosting and quickly fell asleep. Thank you to everyone who came and played with us. 🙂