Rose 4/10

Week 10

Year4 week10

– Rose was more interested in Grandma’s red umbrella than the parade but she still wanted candy. She figured Mom could go to go pick it up after they threw it.

– Lately Beauty and the Beast sound track is the most requested for our afternoons. Rose likes the mob song best. She asks “Mom, is this the kill the Beast song?” It is an odd choice for a favorite.

Charlie 1/13

Week 13


– Happy fourth of July. For Charlie it meant chilling in the stroller to watch the parade, sucking down Mom’s lemonade, and being woke up from a nap with a firecracker.

– While reading a book about what different animals say I learned Charlie figured how to meow like a cat and woof like a dog. It is the sweetest thing to hear.

Rose 4/9

Week 9

Year4 week9

– “Mom, do I look like I begin with R?”

– When going to bed lately she has needed her room light on to fall asleep. I thought she was over being afraid of the dark but I guess not.

Charlie 1/12

Week 12


– His kiddie pool needs rocks in the bottom for him to save and to taste. Rose did not appreciate sitting on them so she got out when there were to many.

– Baby, Bye bye, Daddy, Mommy, eat, binki, blankie, and thank you are the list of the words charlie can say.

Charlie 1/11

Week 11


– Somebody learned how to throw a leg over the seat to climb onto the rescue truck. The first couple times he put the wrong leg over and he was sitting backwards. He also fell over the other side a couple times but got right back up.

He will be nice to new people but as soon as they pick him up and he sees that he can’t get away it is time to be afraid of them.

Charlie 1/10

Week 10


– Because of all the moving boxes Charlie has become a confident stander. He will pull himself up, stand for a minute, sit back down, and move on to the next box to do it all over again.

– During the kids bath time I will pour water out of a cup from high up. Charlie will try to grab the stream of water like a rope. He thinks it is both funny and frustrating.