Rose’s new pink side table

I finished it! I could tell she was excited because the second it was in her room she had both sides and the drawer filled with books.

Rose side table finished

I chose the most saturated hue on the card because in the past I have picked other fun colors but went on the lighter side and when the project was done it didn’t have the pop that I wanted. I am still getting use to the color being so pink but Rose loves it. Plus it is a little girls room so pink is A-ok.

Rose side table finished 4Rose side table finished 2

Putting the new table in her room gave me the motivation to rearrange her room. Now her toys are more organized and she won’t nail her head on the corner of the changing table if she is not careful.

Rose side table finished 3

My after-bed-time project

I am remembering how slow projects go when you have a newborn.Rose side table

I took months for me to finish Rose’s crib project because of lack of motivation and short time in between feedings. Now I have a three yr old that would love to help by smearing paint everywhere. So I am only working on the side table after bedtime.


In the morning Rose was so excited to see it was turning pink. So excited that she had to get some of her books to test it out.