Updating our kitchen stool

It took two weeks after moving to do my first painting project.

I really like my Ikea step stool. I have been intending to paint the steps since I bought it.  The wood is untreated so there was a problem of dirt lingering so I busted out the paint and had Rose help me.

ikea stool

Yep, I had Rose help paint. She spreads the first few strokes of paint and then I make sure it is all smoothed out. It takes a lot of my patience for her to help but I remind myself that I want to do fun creative projects with her.

ikea stool1

Here are some other examples of upcycled Ikea step stools
Emily Benziger
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freckles chick

My after-bed-time project

I am remembering how slow projects go when you have a newborn.Rose side table

I took months for me to finish Rose’s crib project because of lack of motivation and short time in between feedings. Now I have a three yr old that would love to help by smearing paint everywhere. So I am only working on the side table after bedtime.


In the morning Rose was so excited to see it was turning pink. So excited that she had to get some of her books to test it out.

September 21

I finally finished my plate (remember this)

I finished Rose’s crib and it turned out so good. I am so glad that I put the amount of time and energy into something that Rose is going to use everyday. Most of all every time I walk into her room I think “I did that”.

Because I had a vision in my head that I had to create I went the extra mile and made the crib sheet following these instructions from Prudent Baby.

Here is the real seal of approval (her first nap in her new bed)