Clearing the kitchen counter top

Tom has declared that we need to clear off the kitchen counter tops. If your kitchen is like mine items gets placed there and it soon attracts other stuff like super magnets. To avoid this phenomenon we are paring down what needs to be left on the counter.

Two things that I think need to be handy on the counter top are a utensil holder and a spoon holder.

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Whisks, serving spoons, and other bulky utensils don’t need to take up drawer space so a great looking pot is my solution.Add one with some character to support the theme of your kitchen.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you have to put a spoon down while you are cooking.  You then have the mess of cooking and as a bonus a puddle of food left on your counter to clean up. Solution- a spoon rest.

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3- cats paw pottery
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