Updating our kitchen stool

It took two weeks after moving to do my first painting project.

I really like my Ikea step stool. I have been intending to paint the steps since I bought it.  The wood is untreated so there was a problem of dirt lingering so I busted out the paint and had Rose help me.

ikea stool

Yep, I had Rose help paint. She spreads the first few strokes of paint and then I make sure it is all smoothed out. It takes a lot of my patience for her to help but I remind myself that I want to do fun creative projects with her.

ikea stool1

Here are some other examples of upcycled Ikea step stools
Emily Benziger
apartment therapy
decor pad
freckles chick

December 15

Santa made an early stop at our house last night25 signs of Christmas kitchen

We will be visiting family for Christmas so Rose’s too-big-to-fit-in-the-car-to-take-home present came early. Since Rose loves to help me cook, watch cooking shows, and plays with friends play kitchen Santa thought that it was time she had her own. She started making us some porridge with potatoes, corn, and grapes for breakfast. 25 signs of Christmas kitchen2

April 19

Rose has started to understand that she can pretend.

We learned this when she decided that an unused wall plug timer was a camera. The timer is the same shape and had a dial on the front like a camera. I love to see her imagination grow and it was super cute to have her “take” pictures of things. What I didn’t like was thinking that she was going to poke her eye out.

Pretend play is very important for learning but I would prefer Rose to do it with these awesome toys instead.

pretend toys

pink play camera- twig creative

play kitchen- ikea

play food- ikea

cat mask – danijodesigns

squirrel mask- opposite offar

November 1

I love, love, love Ikea. I first ws introduced to Ikea in california in high school and when ever  I was near one I went and bought something. Then they built one in Utah I was so excited. Then we moved away to Nebraska 🙁  That is why I stocked up before we left town.

Like everyone on planet Earth I like the modern and cheap designs.

Picture 5 Picture 6