Things I know – Gratitude

things i know

things i know- gratitude

1- I have not heard the song Thank You for the Music for a few years but I have loved it from the second I discovered it on the Mama Mia cd. I would belt it out on my way home from work. I like singing but when I am alone is the only time that I really sing. Anyways I can’t get to the end on the song without feeling truly grateful and start crying. It gets me every time.

2- How did I miss this super funny movie? Crazy Stupid Love! I am glad that I finnaly climbed out of my hole to see what I was missing. Oh, you are welcome for the eye candy.

3-  I ordered this crown for Rose’s 4th birthday photo shoot. I am so excited for her to wear it.

4- Being an adult is awesome – choosing to have ice cream for dinner – awesome. Realizing all the decisions and choices that comes with being an adult – not so awesome.