Etsy Love – Velvet Pillows

In my mind velvet = luxury, comfort, snuggleness. I would love to have a pile of velvet pillows for an afternoon of reading on my couch.velvet pillows

brown pair – cushions and more
coral – willa sky home
orange gold print- vliving
blue print pair- September home
gold with zipper- therese marie designs
teal – willa sky home

July 26

Remember the other day when I mentioned that I needed to keep the creativity flowing? And that I might have a post or two of things that I design? Well, here it is.

I like most of the world loved the movie “The Help”. In particular I loved the mantra that was said to the little girl in the story.
You is kind, You is smart, You is important.

As a society we to often measure individuals only on looks this quote throws that out the window and gives us a new way evaluate ourselves.That is why I love it so much.

Download here You is kind pdf
Print on regular letter sized paper and choose to trim it down to an 8×10 or 5×7.


June 3

Last week while visiting my home town the local IFA was having a huge sale and Dad had to pick up a new pair of wrangler jeans. While there I saw the array of cowboy boots and I was reminded that I want a pair for myself.  But boots found at IFA are a little more country than I could pull off so I found some that I could get.



Maybe not these golden treasures but I thought that they were awesome.

geek shoes