Pot o’ Gold for a playdate

Rose has a play date with some friends. Once a week they gather at a different someones house to play. That means that for two hours once a month I get to entertain 4 almost four year olds. With glue, construction paper, and crayons I tackled entertaining them for part of the time.

Playdate printable- rainbow4Playdate printable- rainbow3

While they were gluing I tried explaining about pots of gold and leprechauns. Have you ever explained to a kindergartner the myth of leprechauns for the first time? It is difficult. Even to an adult this stuff can be confusing.

Playdate printable- rainbow2

Click to downloadPlaydate printable- rainbowkellygreenshoppe

Share yours with me, Rose, and Charlie #playdateprintable

Love in the air

I have set a goal to practice my drawing regularly. To full fill this goal I drew a Valentine coloring page for Rose and I for a quiet time activity. My favorite parts are the “love is in the air” sign and the milk + cookies.

love color

While Rose loves to color she still needs to practice on keeping it in the lines.  I give her an A for effort.

love in the air - kellygreenshoppe
Print and color your own
Love in the Air – kellygreenshoppe