For your Easter playdate

Who needs orange carrots? Ok, a black carrot would not be pleasant to eat but Rose doesn’t use orange that much.

Easter playdate printable3 - kellygreenshoppe

I love that she sits at her desk and paints not one, not two, but three pictures. Then gets mad at me when I don’t let her get more paper from the printer to keep painting. I think if I let her she would paint a whole ream of paper.

Easter playdate printable - kellygreenshoppe

Paint your own and share it with us. #playdateprintableplaydate printable- easter bunch playdate printable- easter bunnies

March 29

easter eggseaster eggs1This is the reaction that a life size Easter Bunny gets from Rose. I was surprised how much she liked him so much that Rose kept getting in other people’s pictures to get a closer look. When it was her turn the closest that she would get was a high five.

easter eggs2A much better reaction than Santa Clause.

Happy Easter

April 9

Yesterday was Easter time aka candy time!

Rose is defiantly a chocolate lover.

Disclaimer- from these photos it looks like we allowed our child to chow down on mounds and mounds of chocolate but in reality she only had a little amount. But Daddy did sneak a couple more pieces to be the favorite parent.