What do you need?

More Flamingos. They have stayed strong in public opinion this whole summer.

Pink- Check
Great shape- Check
Fun animal- Check
I can still see why all the peeps like them.

more flamingo
stationary- allerlievelings
welcome to the neighborhood- 1canoe2
crib sheets- new moms designs
lunch bag- apple and mint
book- Flora and the Flamingo

January 9

I have done my first project for Baby Brother. I sewed his crib sheets. He is going to use Rose’s crib that took me so long and lovingly to paint (remember here) but I didn’t think that he would appreciate flower sheets. While I think that baby blue is a great color I want my kids room’s not to scream “The kid who sleeps here out grew this a long time ago” because lets be honest I am not going to change it for a couple years. So I like to use more adult colors and fabrics.

baby brother colors

Choosing the fabrics gave me a better direction of where I want to go with the colors. Tom even had a hand in picking them. I couldn’t decide between orange or mustard so I texted him to choose. He made the right choice.

PS. if you want to sew your own crib sheets here is the link to the instructions that I used. Hint- make sure that you choose fabric that is 44-45 inches wide. Some of Rose’s sheets were 43 inches in think and they were useable but snug.

September 21

I finally finished my plate (remember this)

I finished Rose’s crib and it turned out so good. I am so glad that I put the amount of time and energy into something that Rose is going to use everyday. Most of all every time I walk into her room I think “I did that”.

Because I had a vision in my head that I had to create I went the extra mile and made the crib sheet following these instructions from Prudent Baby.

Here is the real seal of approval (her first nap in her new bed)