Things I know – Mason Jars

things i know

thingsi know- mason jars

1- I plan on making these once life slows down again. Maybe I will invite a bunch of gals to make it will me. DIY mason jar vases

2- This year at the MET Gala there was lots of crazy fashion and lots of skin showing. There was one true Lady that looked amazing.

3- I don’t understand why people do not use all the space that is available in their kitchen. Cabinets should go all the way up to the ceiling.

4- I love the smell of coconut. Looking at my beauty things I realized this. My lotion, perfume, shampoo and conditioner, and leave in conditioner all smell like it. I might be on the border of being obsessed.

Things I know – Mermaids

things i know

thingsi know mermaid

1- Call the Midwife. What a great show. Makes me feel grateful for my children and modern medicine.

2- I am torn while I dreamed about being a mermaid every time we went to the swimming pool as a girl I find having an actual tail odd. I think I might drown if I tried swimming with one.

3- Coconut should be added to everything.

4- Light clutter is the hardest thing to ban from my house. Right there with dishes and laundry.