Charlie 1/10

Week 10


– Because of all the moving boxes Charlie has become a confident stander. He will pull himself up, stand for a minute, sit back down, and move on to the next box to do it all over again.

– During the kids bath time I will pour water out of a cup from high up. Charlie will try to grab the stream of water like a rope. He thinks it is both funny and frustrating.

Charlie 1/7

Week 7


– I was trying to buckle him into his car seat after a doctor appointment and found out you do not try to take a lolly pop from Charlie. He has a death grip and will scream murder to keep it.

– When Charlie knows how and where the ear thermometer goes it means he has been sick to often lately.

Charlie 1/6

Week 6


– Charlie does not chew his food. He stuffs, smashed, and swallows. Cutting food into small pieces make this possible otherwise he starts choking.

– As a family we got the Mother of all colds this week. Most of it was spent sleeping watching movies and visiting the doctor’s office.

Charlie 1/5

Week 5


– I was making a normal dinner for Charlie one night and Dad questioned if he could eat all that food that I was putting on the plate. The answer was yes he can put away that much food.

– Charlie has become interested in the spoon while I am feeding him. It stared out with him biting it to keep the spoon now he wants to help hold it while I feed him his yogurt in the morning. Sometimes I even let him do it by himself and it becomes a big learning mess.

Charlie 1/4

Year 1 Week 4


– Charlie hates the grass. He puts one foot down but holds the other foot up so it will not touch the grass. Don’t even think about having him sit down in it.

– In one day Charlie learned to say bye, sign all done and more. It was a big day in the communication department.

Charlie 1/3

Year 1 Week 3


– Charlie’s first official word is HI accompanied with a hand wave. We think this is most fitting for such a friendly little boy.

– He has started putting things into containers. Putting toys into buckets and taking them out again is most fascinating.

Charlie 1/1

Year 1 Week 1


– He turned one and had a bunch of new things. His other front tooth broke thru, He started waving hi, He sort of got the concept of high five, and discovered that he could crawl down the hall.

– Charlie officially started signing. Eat while being the most useful it has become his favorite thing to say.