December 18

Taking the challenge to make dinner from what you have at the house can sometimes be hard to do. But good for the budget and cleaning out your pantry.

I decided to take on the challenge the other night and it just happened that I had all the ingredients for Potato ham soup (minus the ham, that I didn’t have.) It was perfect for the-for-Las-Vegas-cold-weater.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 9.18.26 AM
potato ham soup

Turns out this turned out to be in Tom’s words “the best thing that you have ever made”. He requested it two days later with ham and I would guess that he will be requesting it again in another couple days.

December 15

Santa made an early stop at our house last night25 signs of Christmas kitchen

We will be visiting family for Christmas so Rose’s too-big-to-fit-in-the-car-to-take-home present came early. Since Rose loves to help me cook, watch cooking shows, and plays with friends play kitchen Santa thought that it was time she had her own. She started making us some porridge with potatoes, corn, and grapes for breakfast. 25 signs of Christmas kitchen2

December 14

Rose is very interest in taking the ornaments on and off the Christmas tree. Which is awesome till she pulls it over. So I decided to make some trees for her magnet board that she can safely decorate.25 signs of Christmas magnet trees

Paint chips come in awesome colors and BONUS are free. I cut shapes out in different colors and placed thin magnets on the back of each piece. For the board I cut tree shapes out of wrapping paper and taped them up. 25 signs of Christmas magnet trees2

It is simple and hopefully it will save Rose from having the tree fall on her face.

December 13

Every family has a list of movies for the Christmas season. This is a list of some but not all of my favorites.25 signs of Christmas moviesA Christmas Story- Believe it or not I never saw this till I was married.

White Christmas- This is the quintessential Christmas movie in my book

While you were sleeping- It is always nice to have a change in a romantic comedy.

Holiday Inn- Not well known as the others but if you are looking for a great musical this is it.

The Santa Clause- Another comical relief movie

National Lampoon’s Christmas- Funny for the teen ages and above

December 12.2

On Esty and Pinterest there are gift suggestions for what to give “her”, “him”, and “kids”. Which are great but in the for “him” catagory the top themes that I see over and over are : Drinking, Iphone accessories, items to declare loyalty to certain Sci Fy characters, lots and lots of guitar picks. But my “him” I guess does not fit the mold because their top gift suggestions for Him don’t apply?

He ……25 signs of Christmas gift for himBut looking harder I did find a few things that he would like.

25 signs of Christmas gift for him2guitar pick
beer growler
i phone case
key chain
computer decal