Help yourself when taking progressive pictures with….

I have taken many progressive pictures of being pregnant, of week and months of babies. The hardest part is not remembering to take them but remembering the order of the pictures. So I wised up this go round by putting the week number in the photo with me.

photo helpers week 1- kellygreenshoppe photo helpers week 2- kellygreenshoppe

No more looking up the date on the file and then calculating what week it might be because it is there in the image. If I was smarter I  would have done this five years ago with Rose.

So to make it even easier have someone else design fun cards to say what week the baby is, what milestone they accomplished, and list of their first’s.

photo helpers- kellygreenshoppe

whimsical cards- milestone cards
black and cream baby cards – 27 design street
floral wreath cards – Drop scone design
red and black cards- enie meenie milestone