Halloween Countdown Calender Download

Every holiday I have every intention of doing fun projects with Rose but days get away from me and before I know it the holiday arrives and I have not done a single thing I had planned. I know that this same thing has happened to every one of us. In order to not have it happen for this Halloween I decided to make a printable countdown for the month of October where I could plan out simple activities Rose and I could do together.

Halloween Countdown- Kellygreenshoppe 1

I printed the calender at Staples using their awesome engineering prints added some color and it is currently on my refrigerator waiting for the month to start. I am excited for Rose to make spiders, mummy’s, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (this is going to be her favorite because she loves making cookies), and telling me about her Halloween costume. Halloween Countdown makes those memories possible so join Rose and I by getting your own.
Halloween Countdown- Kellygreenshoppe 2

The Halloween Calendar is made to keep your kids excited about tomorrow’s activity and you stay organized. The My Halloween individual page lets them in their own words and drawings document what they will be for Halloween and why they chose it. The corresponding coloring pages, treat printables, and activities add fun to each day.Halloween Countdown- Kellygreenshoppe 3

We all have busy days but creating fun memories for Halloween is what our kids will always remember.

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Download includes
* 13 x 22 Month Calender
* Daily activity suggestions
* My Halloween Individual page
* Treat cards and wrappers
* Color pages
* and activities.

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