Dealing with the tears

cryingtimePlease tell me that it is normal to have everyone in your family crying at you on a daily basis.
Ok, I can’t include Tom in the crying group but still three out of four is way to high in the crying department.

I think that this is one of the hardest parts of being a mother to young kids. The large amount of time that I have to deal with direct negative energy drains me. Plus if you have stubborn children like mine who think that life is a negotiation adds another layer of fun. Couldn’t we just have a passive aggressive suggestion box?

Introducing our baby girl

Lucy Ann birthA few months ago I announced that we had a pleasant surprise coming and early on the morning of the 6th she came.

Lucy came into the world with wide bright eyes with a look of wondering in them.  So far I can tell that she has a calm loving personality.

Lucy Ann birth2

My favorite thing is after feeding her she will snuggle herself into a ball on my chest tuck her nose into my neck ready for a long nap.

Lucy Ann birth1

Here are some wishes I have for Lucy.

May you find something to be passionate about.

May you find good friends but more important may you be a good friend.

May you see the value of being close to your family.

May you have courage to expand your universe.

May you avoid life’s pitfalls by learning from others experiences.

May you find peace even when no one offers you any.

For the 10th Doctor fans

netflix suggestions

I admit it I am a Doctor Who fan and I hate it when they get a new regeneration. I don’t enjoy getting use to a new face that much. So it is nice to see David Tennat the 10th Doctor on my screen.

10th doctor

It just happened on Netflix that I found and watched his resent projects. Broadchurch and Jessica Jones. They were so good that I watched them both in the past month. I really like his intensity while playing his roles.

10th doctor broadchruch 10th doctor jessica

* side note Jessica Jones is an adult superhero show therefore has adult behaviors and Broadchurch deals with the death of a child so consider yourself warned.

Baby fever- Nursery artwork

Charlie has been evicted from his room for the baby. This gives me the option of changing up the artwork.

Here are some gems that I found for boys and girls rooms.

nursery artwork

planets – norse kids
watercolor elephant – shine graphic art
monogram – apple blossom print
fox alphabet – trafalgar’s square
growth chart – land of nod
weeks till baby – spearmint love

Things I know- Plants

thingsi know- plants

1- Copper is becoming a hot ticket for the kitchen. Have you noticed? I saw these planters and thought it would go with this craze.

2- If only I had time and energy and a green thumb I would make this hanging succulent planter

3- I want a ladder to store all my blankets but then I need to get better looking blankets for them to be displayed.

4- Are you like me always wondering why did I choose to cook bacon on the morning that I took a shower? Speaking of bacon the Bacon brothers are super funny in this video.

Cleaning the nest

Time is running out. Apparently the time to clean and organize every dark corner of my house is drawing to a close before little sister makes her debut. The list in my head of projects that I need to do keeps growing. 

I spent the past two hours scrubbing the gunk off my stove grates. My mother would be so proud of how it sparkles. Earlier today I started editing the books on our bookshelf. Yesterday I changed outdoor light bulbs. The pile of donations keeps growing. 

It is 11:30 at night on a Monday my feet are swelled, my back is sore, and I am calling it a day. 

Ps. If Mr. Tom doesn’t positively comment on how beautiful the stove looks he will need to find the dog house. 

Baby fever – swaddle blankets

I am a big proponent of swaddling. Swaddled babies seem to be calmer and who doesn’t want a calmer baby. It has been only two years since I had been searching for new ones and I found how many adorable new options there are for swaddling blankets?

The floral blanket and beanie combo needs to be sent to our house.

beautiful baby swaddlers

fruit swaddlers – spearment
poppy blanket – little unicorn
floral blanket and beanie- mod fox
custom name swaddler – how joyful shop