To my children- Keep swimming

Learning new things is not pretty.

swim1Right now Rose is learning how to swim. It is not graceful. Some people would think her falling in the water means that she is drowning. But I am proud of her because she does not care about anything but learning how to kick with straight legs.

swimSo as I sit here at this swimming lesson in hot Vegas summer day I wonder to myself -Why is it ok to make a huge flop doing new things when we are children but as adults we expect it to be perfect right out the gate. So maybe I need to make more messes and even fail a little while learning new things.

To my children- kindness to siblings

There will be days when you love each other. There will be days that you despise each other. And there will even be a day when you might slowly become distant strangers but know that today you have kindness to one another.

walkI see it when I asked Rose to help Lucy know that she is not alone while I had to help Charlie. I saw Rose hold her tiny hand and talk gently to her because of this kindness Lucy calmed down creating a tender moment between sisters. It might be a small moment but added together they make lasting friendships.

To my children

Year5 week8Since the internets decided to let someone hack our sites I am taking this opportunity to reevaluate and pinpoint what I blog about. I have to look at this revamp as a positive because if not then it will become another large overwhelming thing I my life. Anyone that has lived thru the newborn baby phase of life can testify that new babies are a big enough challenge by themselves.

to my children1So I have decided this is where I as a mother will document my life with my three children. Where I will write letters of the lessons I am learning. I am more of a visual person and love blogs with more pictures than words so the writing part will be my biggest challenge but there should be substance to go along with the beauty. Full disclosure – I am a horrible speller and auto correct was a great blessing in my life so be patient with me if you find mistakes in my ramblings.

to my children2Someday Rose, Charlie, and Lucy might read what I have said here. I hope they find it funny, helpful, but most of all I hope they will know I tired my best to make them into beautiful people.