Things I know – Mermaids

things i know

thingsi know mermaid

1- Call the Midwife. What a great show. Makes me feel grateful for my children and modern medicine.

2- I am torn while I dreamed about being a mermaid every time we went to the swimming pool as a girl I find having an actual tail odd. I think I might drown if I tried swimming with one.

3- Coconut should be added to everything.

4- Light clutter is the hardest thing to ban from my house. Right there with dishes and laundry.

Things I know – Stupid human trick

things i knowthingsi know- stupid human tricks

1. Have you ever wondered how or why stupid humans found out that they had a stupid human trick?

2. Mother’s Day is coming up. I am faced with the same decision every year. Do I go to church hearing how awesome ideal Mom’s are or spend the day doing a outing with my little family?

3. Sometimes it is hard not to be a mouse with a cookie.

4. Why does the day last so so long when sleep feels like only a few minutes?