Things I know- Plants

thingsi know- plants

1- Copper is becoming a hot ticket for the kitchen. Have you noticed? I saw these planters and thought it would go with this craze.

2- If only I had time and energy and a green thumb I would make this hanging succulent planter

3- I want a ladder to store all my blankets but then I need to get better looking blankets for them to be displayed.

4- Are you like me always wondering why did I choose to cook bacon on the morning that I took a shower? Speaking of bacon the Bacon brothers are super funny in this video.

Things I know – Pinterest


thingsi know pinterest

1- Is anyone else fallen out of love with Pinterest? It seems like the same things over and over again. You ask their search engine about framing out mirrors then the next two weeks that is all they send you.

2- What is your opinion about having a photographer in the delivery room? I love those candid shots of those moments when emotions are high. source

3- I want a round mirror for the house. I don’t know exactly where I would put it in the house. More importantly I have not found one that I like yet. source

4- Educate yourself watch this PBS documentary about President Garfield. Although it was 1880 the political scene sounds too familiar.


Things I know – sandbox

things i knowthingsi know- sandbox1- Rose loves the sand at the park. She will play the majority of the time there so now that we have a back yard I ask myself do I want to put a sand box out back? Do I want sand to make its way into the house? Do I want Rose to love playing outside in it? Would it become a hostel for all the creepy crawly biting things out there? plans for that sandbox

2- Thank goodness for YouTube. As a newbie at home improvement it has come in really handy.

3- I am leaning towards this color to paint first. But I am stuck as to which room to start with and I know rose will be all about helping. Painting is my relaxing quiet time so I am not sure if I want/could handle her help. It might get to messy literally and figuratively.

4- While pulling weeds in my back yard I found a distinct leaf shaped weed growing. Sure hope it is the non useful kind of weed and not the illegal one.

Things I know – Mason Jars

things i know

thingsi know- mason jars

1- I plan on making these once life slows down again. Maybe I will invite a bunch of gals to make it will me. DIY mason jar vases

2- This year at the MET Gala there was lots of crazy fashion and lots of skin showing. There was one true Lady that looked amazing.

3- I don’t understand why people do not use all the space that is available in their kitchen. Cabinets should go all the way up to the ceiling.

4- I love the smell of coconut. Looking at my beauty things I realized this. My lotion, perfume, shampoo and conditioner, and leave in conditioner all smell like it. I might be on the border of being obsessed.

Things I know – Gratitude

things i know

things i know- gratitude

1- I have not heard the song Thank You for the Music for a few years but I have loved it from the second I discovered it on the Mama Mia cd. I would belt it out on my way home from work. I like singing but when I am alone is the only time that I really sing. Anyways I can’t get to the end on the song without feeling truly grateful and start crying. It gets me every time.

2- How did I miss this super funny movie? Crazy Stupid Love! I am glad that I finnaly climbed out of my hole to see what I was missing. Oh, you are welcome for the eye candy.

3-  I ordered this crown for Rose’s 4th birthday photo shoot. I am so excited for her to wear it.

4- Being an adult is awesome – choosing to have ice cream for dinner – awesome. Realizing all the decisions and choices that comes with being an adult – not so awesome.

Things I know – lip sync

things i know thingsi know- lip sync

1- I love me some Jimmy Fallon lip sync.

2-  Does anyone else think mango’s taste like the smell of armpits? I have thought this for years.

3-  I have tried to wear red lipstick. I feel all the shade is not very flattering on me so when I see others suggesting their favorite shade like this Taza. I think again that I should give it another try.

4- This is one tough woman.  Lagertha could kick anyone’s butt.

Things I know- cookie

things i know thingsi know- cookie

Cookies are getting to fancy. They are getting so good looking that you don’t want to eat them. Instead they sit on your counter till they are old and stale no longer edible. I say spend the time decorating the house with something meant to last and stick with the classic always delicious chocolate chip cookie. You will enjoy it just as much and have less dishes in your sink.

1- ombre cookies
2- rainbow
3- cinco de mayo
4- Love cookies

Things I know- Braids

things i knowthingsi know- braids

1- I thought a braid was a braid. I was the youngest kid so I never had someone to experiment hairdo’s on. Some day I will try these different braids on Rose. photo credit

2- My five things essential things would be seat, wheels, easy access basket, cup holder, and sturdy buckles. Their 5 things

3-  Sometimes looking back you find exactly what you like. Vintage rings are always beautiful.

4- I am down to pre-Charlie weight but myself is not back to its original self. Which means somethings fit and others just laugh at me for trying them on. It is better and funnier explained here.

Things I know – Carseats

things i know

thingsi know carseat

1- Is there anything harder than researching and choosing a car seat? Ok. maybe looking for a house is the only thing to beat it. But do you go with only getting the best bargain, safety overrides all, or should we throw it all out the window and to what our parents did by seeing who was the strongest lasts the longest. Suggestions????

I do have to say when I first saw Mr. Cow seat I wondered who in their right mind would want that in their car? Now that I have seen it for a bit he has grown on me but not enough that I would choose that pattern.

2- They have this in ice cream form!!!!!!!
Confession- I have a jar of the spread for my own consumption with finger scoops in it. It is such a good pick me up when you are having a sugar craving moment.

3- I am in love with the illustrations of Daisy and Josephine by Melissa Gilbert. The story needed a little more work but I loved reading it to Rose so that I could see the pictures again.

4- Tis the season. Pumpkin in all shapes and forms are heading your way and waist line.
Get ready. Check it out.

Things I know – wipes

things i know

thingsi know wipes

1- I was changing a messy diaper the other day and a question came to me. What in the world did they do before baby wipes?

2- Because of clammy little hands that have a death grip buns and ponytails are my only choice of hairstyle for a while.

3- Funnies of epic fails of what is seen on pinterest. Sometimes ideas should be left as ideas.

4- Another funny just for Friday.