It is football season

It is that time of year again. Where hope springs eternal, coaches have only positive things to say, and every Saturday is devoted to cheering on your team. But there is one problem in our house which team color to wear?

born to be

Blue for the Aggies? or Red for the Huskers? Do you go with the team that is most likely to win? Do you go with the one plays first in the day? Do you go with the color that he looks best in? Sometimes the decision is made easy for you by spitting up and end up wearing both.

borntobe blue
click here to get your own “born to be blue” onsie

borntobe red
click here to get your own “born to be red” onsie

Getting in the picture

For my goal of taking more pictures with my children I took a moment in my day to take some. I thought it was fitting that I take our picture in the same place that I have done before. You could just see Charlie this booth

This is my favorite one cause it shows just what a goof I am to get a smile from Charlie.

photo booth best

since it is Thursday here is a throw back


HELLO my name is stickers

Remember the group of newborn photos for when Baby Brother comes? In order to pull this one off I decided to make and print my own HELLO my name is stickers because lets be honest we only need one.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 12.53.31 PM
Photo- Heather Golde photography

And I couldn’t decide what color would be the best so I designed them in four different choices.

Hello name sticker 2

I printed on full sheet labels from Avery so that when he comes it will at least seem like I am prepared. The next biggest problem is picking the name that is going on it. ?

Hello name printable kellygreenshoppeDownload the pdf Hello stickers kellygreenshoppe

February 13

When Rose was a itty bitty newborn life was to crazy for me to do a photo shoot. We did have someone else take some newborn shot but it was not exactly what I wanted. With Baby Brother I am hoping that there is more time to just be and enjoy him. Here are some newborn shots that I would love to try and capture.

newborn shot

Plus I have little to no pictures documenting all the hard work I went through to get Rose here. Mostly because I was the one taking the pictures. So I will have to remember to direct Tom in taking more. Maybe it will be a reminder of the whole process when I have thoughts of doing it again. newborn shot1

foot print – sugar photography
my name is- heather golde photography
newspaper – abbie saxton
siblings – a lovely lark
hospital bed – flicker

February 7

We have hit week 31 which means only 9 weeks or less left.babybump 1Biggest craving is water. I can not get enough it.

Rose thinks that he should come out to play now. I think she will be an over loving big sister.

Sleeping now requires multiple pillows placed strategically to support my growing belly.

Just like his sister riding in the car makes him kick and wiggle.

Daddy uses the pregnancy card for the way I act more than I do. babybump

January 21

I am not a big fan of maternity photos. When I was pregnant with Rose Tom convinced me to get some taken and I made an appointment with the photographer for the Thursday before I was to be induced. But Rose messed up those plans by deciding to be born on Tuesday. In some ways I am ok with that but then I see awesome photos like these that make me wish I had taken the time.

maternity shots

Good thing I have a second chance to take some maternity shots now. Although I need to get on it before I get super duper big.

1 – chelsea photography
2 – michelle
3 – andria lindquist
4- unknown
5- unknown

January 9

I have done my first project for Baby Brother. I sewed his crib sheets. He is going to use Rose’s crib that took me so long and lovingly to paint (remember here) but I didn’t think that he would appreciate flower sheets. While I think that baby blue is a great color I want my kids room’s not to scream “The kid who sleeps here out grew this a long time ago” because lets be honest I am not going to change it for a couple years. So I like to use more adult colors and fabrics.

baby brother colors

Choosing the fabrics gave me a better direction of where I want to go with the colors. Tom even had a hand in picking them. I couldn’t decide between orange or mustard so I texted him to choose. He made the right choice.

PS. if you want to sew your own crib sheets here is the link to the instructions that I used. Hint- make sure that you choose fabric that is 44-45 inches wide. Some of Rose’s sheets were 43 inches in think and they were useable but snug.

December 30

I realized that I have not posted any pictures of the belly that I have been growing for the past four months. With Rose I lived far away so most of my family never saw me while pregnant but after the holidays they have all seen in person the wonder that is my big belly.  Belly week photos

I am defiantly carrying baby brother lower than I was with Rose because he is a boy or cause it is my second baby I don’t know. I also have had more back aching, longer morning sickness, and a more picky pallet than with Rose. It is nice to know that I have done/felt this way before so there is less guessing if things are going as they should.  Belly week photos3

It is a weird experience to lose your waist and be ok/excited about it. It also helps to feel my most favorite part- the baby kicking. Today while driving he kicked in just the right spot that it surprised and tickled me at the same time.