Baby Bump Week 37

#3week 37

She is out there. Loud and proud and all belly.

I have two weeks left because she is being served eviction papers on June 10th. (which is also Grandpa Grover’s birthday) We will see if we make it till then. I prepared her room this week by resetting the crib height and getting all the girl clothes out of storage. Pulling out each of the outfits that Rose wore got me really excited to see little Sister in them.

Baby fever- Nursery artwork

Charlie has been evicted from his room for the baby. This gives me the option of changing up the artwork.

Here are some gems that I found for boys and girls rooms.

nursery artwork

planets – norse kids
watercolor elephant – shine graphic art
monogram – apple blossom print
fox alphabet – trafalgar’s square
growth chart – land of nod
weeks till baby – spearmint love

Baby fever – swaddle blankets

I am a big proponent of swaddling. Swaddled babies seem to be calmer and who doesn’t want a calmer baby. It has been only two years since I had been searching for new ones and I found how many adorable new options there are for swaddling blankets?

The floral blanket and beanie combo needs to be sent to our house.

beautiful baby swaddlers

fruit swaddlers – spearment
poppy blanket – little unicorn
floral blanket and beanie- mod fox
custom name swaddler – how joyful shop

Baby Bump Week 32

#3week 32

She is getting bigger and bigger which means her kicks are getting stronger. So strong that one good kick woke me up this morning. None of my kids have done that before.

This week my productivity has gone way down. I can do something for a while then I have to sit down to rest, to have a snack, or both. I also found out that I can no longer pick up Rose especially when she is throwing a fit. I feel that this next month and a half is going to be a long one.

Baby Bump Week 27 & 28

#3week 27

She has a dainty hickup. It feels like a soft steady bump deep inside and felt only inside.

While out and about I have peoples comments that she is a she because of how I am carrying her. That she is a big baby if I have two months left. Or this morning I shouldn’t be lifting Charlie. My advice to the general public when it comes to pregnant mothers is keep comments to yourself.

#3week 28

Help yourself when taking progressive pictures with….

I have taken many progressive pictures of being pregnant, of week and months of babies. The hardest part is not remembering to take them but remembering the order of the pictures. So I wised up this go round by putting the week number in the photo with me.

photo helpers week 1- kellygreenshoppe photo helpers week 2- kellygreenshoppe

No more looking up the date on the file and then calculating what week it might be because it is there in the image. If I was smarter I  would have done this five years ago with Rose.

So to make it even easier have someone else design fun cards to say what week the baby is, what milestone they accomplished, and list of their first’s.

photo helpers- kellygreenshoppe

whimsical cards- milestone cards
black and cream baby cards – 27 design street
floral wreath cards – Drop scone design
red and black cards- enie meenie milestone

Baby fever for hats

It’s a girl! Dont get me wrong I love Charlie to pieces but shopping for boys is not exciting as it is for girls. The night after finding out this baby is a girl I started browsing the newest styles especially in baby bonnets.

baby bonnets

I wanted to get an aviator hat when I had Charlie but never got around to it but I do wonder since Little Bee will be born at the beginning of the hot summer would she even really wear one of these. Have any of you had something similar?

grey pilot
cream baby bonnet
pink bonnet
pilot hats

Birthday at the park

This past Saturday we had a get together at the part for Charlie.

charlie bday2

Since his birthday I have been thinking how I am so lucky to be his Mom. How it might be impossible to not feel happier around Charlie and his happy disposition. How easy going he is to be totted around running my errands. If it weren’t for the stinky diapers I would think he is perfect.

charlie bday

Happy Birthday to Charlie Boy!

Ok, get ready for a mega download of the cutest kid in all the land.

charlie cakesmash charlie cakesmash2charlie cakesmash3

I find it funny that both my children are not one for smearing cake everywhere. They both gingerly poked at their cakes and at the end Charlie was getting upset that he was messy. And lets be honest he is not that messy.

charlie cakesmash4

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Under the weather

There is nothing worse that having a sick baby.

Sick Charlie

Charlie was under the weather yesterday with the croup. As we were sitting at the doctor office I started thinking about what it would be like to not even have the option of modern medicine. Knowing that while Charlie was feeling awful at that moment I found it comforting that medicine would be able to help. I feel sorry for parents that either lack of money, resources, or circumstances that do not have that same comfort in helping their children.

And yes I have become that Mom that pulls out the camera for every occasion. Just maybe not when it is the puking sickness.