Lucy in a pumpkin

I happen to have my babies at the right time of year. The just right time of year that they are a pumpkin for Halloween.

lucy-pumpkinIt takes finding a big, tall pumpkin that you can hollow out just right. Then it takes both parents to carefully slide her into the pumpkin. I tried to have the kids help carve the pumpkin but they looked inside only to say eww.

lucy-pumpkin4Lucy is still working on sitting up so I had a short time till she lost it. She is even cute when she did.


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Lucy at 2 months

Week 9She has been with us for two whole months. Having three kids for two months has gone by fast but in some moments it is painfully slow.

lucy 2monthsLucy is 11 lbs 11 oz & 22 inches.

She will smile and even have a conversation of gasps with Mommy.

At night after brother and sister go to sleep is when Lucy becomes fussy. I think it is because it is too quiet without them running around. But at 10 pm she calms down and drifts off to sleep.