Hello Friend

For under 10 bucks and a couple of hours I have a new welcome sign for my soon to be brand spanking new house.

board- home depot $6.00
paint – left over from Rose’s crib
nails- home depot $1.30 two boxes
yarn- I have oodles of it at my house
hammer, needle nose pliers, screw in eye holes, and wire

I traced each word from my screen onto the paper and then taped it where I wanted it on the board. You don’t have to trace it because I made a hello friend pdf of the words for you to just print out.

They had brass nails, longer nails, and bigger nails but these are the ones that I choose.

Start hammering the nails in at the top and on the side that is holding the hammer. Since I am right handed that would be the top right that way my left hand can place and hold the nails without getting smashed.

I didn’t figure this out till I was into the middle of the first word. On the second word was much better.

When putting the string on I liked to first cover the whole letter and then go back with crisscrossing where ever it needed. I also went along the edge to make sure that the letters looked solid.

I really like how great it turned out and how simple it was. Tom liked it to and has requested that I make one that says Go Big Red so that for the football season who ever comes into our house will be greeted in the right fashion.

just in case you missed it. hello friend pdf

January 13

Now that the holidays are done the tree is put away and everyone is back home doing their own thing. I thought that it would be nice to send a little note to Grandma and Grandpa saying thank you for inviting a crying-at-two-am, smelly-diaper, buckets-o-drooling, and heart-melting-smiling baby into their home for Christmas.

An easy way to decorate the front is to use a pencil eraser, ink, and lots of dotting.

The next thing was how do you have a eight month old sign a letter? The solution that I found was to use Rose’s thumbprint to make a heart signature for Grandma & Grandpa.

Print and send your own thank you card
Grandma Thank You Card

Remember to smile

When I was a little girl I would watch musicals and sing along dreaming that I was the star of the movie. One that I would watch over and over was Annie. Everyone knows about the sun coming up Tomorrow but my favorite song is when the orphans singing about always having a smile.

“Your never fully dressed without a smile” from Annie is so true and simple. Each of our smile is what makes our faces light up with happiness. I framed this poster for my bathroom to remind myself everyday to be fully dressed with my smile.

You can print your own since it fits on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper

Free download – Smile coral

Free download – Smile pink

Free download – Smile black