Help yourself when taking progressive pictures with….

I have taken many progressive pictures of being pregnant, of week and months of babies. The hardest part is not remembering to take them but remembering the order of the pictures. So I wised up this go round by putting the week number in the photo with me.

photo helpers week 1- kellygreenshoppe photo helpers week 2- kellygreenshoppe

No more looking up the date on the file and then calculating what week it might be because it is there in the image. If I was smarter I  would have done this five years ago with Rose.

So to make it even easier have someone else design fun cards to say what week the baby is, what milestone they accomplished, and list of their first’s.

photo helpers- kellygreenshoppe

whimsical cards- milestone cards
black and cream baby cards – 27 design street
floral wreath cards – Drop scone design
red and black cards- enie meenie milestone

Baby fever for hats

It’s a girl! Dont get me wrong I love Charlie to pieces but shopping for boys is not exciting as it is for girls. The night after finding out this baby is a girl I started browsing the newest styles especially in baby bonnets.

baby bonnets

I wanted to get an aviator hat when I had Charlie but never got around to it but I do wonder since Little Bee will be born at the beginning of the hot summer would she even really wear one of these. Have any of you had something similar?

grey pilot
cream baby bonnet
pink bonnet
pilot hats

What do you need?

More Flamingos. They have stayed strong in public opinion this whole summer.

Pink- Check
Great shape- Check
Fun animal- Check
I can still see why all the peeps like them.

more flamingo
stationary- allerlievelings
welcome to the neighborhood- 1canoe2
crib sheets- new moms designs
lunch bag- apple and mint
book- Flora and the Flamingo

Clearing the kitchen counter top

Tom has declared that we need to clear off the kitchen counter tops. If your kitchen is like mine items gets placed there and it soon attracts other stuff like super magnets. To avoid this phenomenon we are paring down what needs to be left on the counter.

Two things that I think need to be handy on the counter top are a utensil holder and a spoon holder.

kitchen etsy

Whisks, serving spoons, and other bulky utensils don’t need to take up drawer space so a great looking pot is my solution.Add one with some character to support the theme of your kitchen.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you have to put a spoon down while you are cooking.  You then have the mess of cooking and as a bonus a puddle of food left on your counter to clean up. Solution- a spoon rest.

1- back bay pottery
2- claylicious
3- cats paw pottery
4- cojocreations

Halloween Countdown Calender Download

Every holiday I have every intention of doing fun projects with Rose but days get away from me and before I know it the holiday arrives and I have not done a single thing I had planned. I know that this same thing has happened to every one of us. In order to not have it happen for this Halloween I decided to make a printable countdown for the month of October where I could plan out simple activities Rose and I could do together.

Halloween Countdown- Kellygreenshoppe 1

I printed the calender at Staples using their awesome engineering prints added some color and it is currently on my refrigerator waiting for the month to start. I am excited for Rose to make spiders, mummy’s, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (this is going to be her favorite because she loves making cookies), and telling me about her Halloween costume. Halloween Countdown makes those memories possible so join Rose and I by getting your own.
Halloween Countdown- Kellygreenshoppe 2

The Halloween Calendar is made to keep your kids excited about tomorrow’s activity and you stay organized. The My Halloween individual page lets them in their own words and drawings document what they will be for Halloween and why they chose it. The corresponding coloring pages, treat printables, and activities add fun to each day.Halloween Countdown- Kellygreenshoppe 3

We all have busy days but creating fun memories for Halloween is what our kids will always remember.

Buy from my newly reopened Etsy shoppe
Download includes
* 13 x 22 Month Calender
* Daily activity suggestions
* My Halloween Individual page
* Treat cards and wrappers
* Color pages
* and activities.

**All designs ©Kelly Green Shoppe, please do not copy.

To the moon

What do you do if there is a poster that you have loved but can not find its source anywhere?
If your like me you decide to make one yourself. to the moon

I have seen this specific design on pinterest for a long time and knew it would be perfect for Charlie’s room. Here are some other design’s that are just as awesome and are a little less work on your part.

moon land of nodmoon etsy

land of nod
lisa barbero

Etsy Love – Velvet Pillows

In my mind velvet = luxury, comfort, snuggleness. I would love to have a pile of velvet pillows for an afternoon of reading on my couch.velvet pillows

brown pair – cushions and more
coral – willa sky home
orange gold print- vliving
blue print pair- September home
gold with zipper- therese marie designs
teal – willa sky home

December 12.2

On Esty and Pinterest there are gift suggestions for what to give “her”, “him”, and “kids”. Which are great but in the for “him” catagory the top themes that I see over and over are : Drinking, Iphone accessories, items to declare loyalty to certain Sci Fy characters, lots and lots of guitar picks. But my “him” I guess does not fit the mold because their top gift suggestions for Him don’t apply?

He ……25 signs of Christmas gift for himBut looking harder I did find a few things that he would like.

25 signs of Christmas gift for him2guitar pick
beer growler
i phone case
key chain
computer decal

Nevember 16

The holiday’s are coming, i know take a breath,that means the decorations will soon be coming out of the closet to decorate mantels and tables. I have to admit I am drawn over and over to white display items so when I was reintroduced to Milk Glass I was hooked.


But just imagine any of these beautiful pieces with the crisp emerald and crimson colors of Christmas.

Milk glass is an opaque or translucent, milky white or colored glass, blown or pressed into a wide variety of shapes. First made in Venice in the 16th century, colors include blue, pink, yellow, brown, black, and the white that led to its popular name.

Cream & sugar bowls – tatter and fray
Rooster candy dish – takes me to
Vase – wee lambie vintage
Wedding box vase – tatter and fray
Cake plate – brightest star