September 29

I love this dresser. I want one …….

Every once in a while I spot a dresser set like this one craigslist and they describe it as FRENCH PROVINCIAL.


They need a little elbow grease but when done they would look awesome.

I keep telling myself that someday we will be out of our apt casa and in our own casa. Then I can going to go crazy on craigslist here in Vegas and get the things that I have been wanting but don’t have the room for.

September 21

I finally finished my plate (remember this)

I finished Rose’s crib and it turned out so good. I am so glad that I put the amount of time and energy into something that Rose is going to use everyday. Most of all every time I walk into her room I think “I did that”.

Because I had a vision in my head that I had to create I went the extra mile and made the crib sheet following these instructions from Prudent Baby.

Here is the real seal of approval (her first nap in her new bed)

September 11

I am like the kid at Thanksgiving that is so excited to eat that after filling his plate till its about to spill over and finishing only half of what he got he realizes that his stomach is starting to hurt.

For the past five years my sister kept asking me if I wanted her crib and I kept saying that I did but I didn’t know when I would need it. So Rose is finally here to use it. Rose is four months and has not slept in her crib for one reason. I want to paint it a cool color like I have seen online.

Repainting a crib that has many spindles is really time consuming. You have to sand the whole thing down, prime it, paint it, and seal it. But the biggest reason that it has taken so long to finish is the heat. You can not paint something outside when it is 100 plus degrees. So yesterday when I saw it was only going to be 80 I got my paint Brush out and got to painting.

I only finished the primer but slowly but surely I will get it done.

Here is my painting assistant sleeping on the job.

September 7

This is the one nap time toy meaning it only takes one nap to complete it.

Rose likes the crinkly sounding toys but the ones that we have she is having a hard time griping and keeping hold of . When I was unwrapping the plastic off her new lamp I recognized the same crinkly noise I decided to make her a softy toy with the crinkle that she likes that has lots of things to hold on to.

From bits and pieces of fabric that I had left over from other projects I chose different textures and colors of fabric. On the base piece on the right side of the fabric pin the other fabric/ribbons that are going to be tags toward the center.

Sew a straight line to secure the tags. I did this to add more strength when Rose pulls on the tags but you can skip this and go straight to sewing up the whole thing.

Then fold the other side of base fabric over the tags and sew around the edges. Remember to leave an opening so that you can turn it right side out.

Then comes the crinkly plastic. I think that a plastic bag would sound similar if you can’t find any other plastic. After the plastic is in sew up the opening either by hand or sewing machine.

Last I added a handle with some ribbon across the center for Rose to hang on to.

Simple, fast, and a great way to use up the left over fabric that I can’t bear to throw away because SEE it is still good for something.


September 1

In efforts to keep busy and still be creative I like to make things for Rose. Here is a headband that I out of things that I have around the house. I call it her Cheerleader headband.

From a t-shirt that I no longer wear I cut thin strips.

I then wrapped the strips loosely around my fingers and tied it in the center with a double knot.

Cut the two loops that are around my fingers finishing the pom pom.

And finished it off by sewing the pom pom to some thin elastic. Simple, cute, and easy.

I added another flower for her week photo to add some variety.