March 2

thrift frame thrift frame1 thrift frame2Some things that I realized while doing this project are

1. I love to have photos of my family on my walls.

2. We now have cameras to take great personal photos we need use them and then get more pictures printed.

3. Don’t be scared of making enlargements. At the right place they are not very expensive and the visual impact of such a large print is totally worth it.

November 15

This is the best changing table ever because the storage and the top folds down making more room for when Rose is super wiggly.

Most of the time I would work while Rose was asleep but she jumped in to help out by sanding a little bit.

After sanding, a coat of paint, and a coat of polyurethane our changing table is updated to freshen things up and now it matches the side table.

The paint colors that I used
Home Decorators collections Bungalow Beige
Satin Oil-Rubbed Bronze Metallic Spray

November 2

My latest project was inspired by Do it yourself Diva with her revamping a recliner. Tom reclaimed his recliner so I needed a new chair in Rose’s room. I snagged a solidly build recliner from a garage sale for $30 but it was not very pretty looking. With on sale fabric for $50 I set out to see if it could be done.

Some tips from the Diva that were very helpful were
1. take lots of pictures. Even if you think it is over kill you will forget how something fits back together and they will save your bacon.
2. Make sure the stuffing/padding of the chair is still good so that you don’t have to basically rebuild a new chair.

One little hick up was that the previously chair owner shared it with a small animal. Which meant such drama when both Tom and Rose had watery eyes and running noses till I tossed the original fabric. Learn from my mistake if you have family members with allergy’s check super close for cat hair before you buy.

The chair is in the living room right now. I kind of think that it will not going to make it to Rose’s room because then Tom couldn’t lay back and watch tv in it. But now that I have proven to him that I can successfully recover a recliner there is a 70’s orange chair that I now have the permission to update.

September 6

I love that you can make a stamp from a drawing and an eraser. It opens the possibility of what you can create.

Two suggestions 1. Be super duper careful with the blade. Last time I made a stamp I sliced my finger really good. 2. Make sure to rub off the ink from the eraser before stamping so that it won’t get on the cloth.

Always remember to blot before you stamp or you will regret it.

July 30

I admit it I have a girl. I love to dress her in girly things.

I dyed a onsie and some lace with a mixture of Rit Scarlett and Tangerine dye following the stove top instructions. I think I have a thing for this color because I wear it all the time and I find myself drawn to it over and over.

Then I cut five pieces of lace, centered of each to the onsie, and attach by sewing one layer at a time.

The ruffles took less that 15 minutes and I loved how cute it turned out.

Hello Friend

For under 10 bucks and a couple of hours I have a new welcome sign for my soon to be brand spanking new house.

board- home depot $6.00
paint – left over from Rose’s crib
nails- home depot $1.30 two boxes
yarn- I have oodles of it at my house
hammer, needle nose pliers, screw in eye holes, and wire

I traced each word from my screen onto the paper and then taped it where I wanted it on the board. You don’t have to trace it because I made a hello friend pdf of the words for you to just print out.

They had brass nails, longer nails, and bigger nails but these are the ones that I choose.

Start hammering the nails in at the top and on the side that is holding the hammer. Since I am right handed that would be the top right that way my left hand can place and hold the nails without getting smashed.

I didn’t figure this out till I was into the middle of the first word. On the second word was much better.

When putting the string on I liked to first cover the whole letter and then go back with crisscrossing where ever it needed. I also went along the edge to make sure that the letters looked solid.

I really like how great it turned out and how simple it was. Tom liked it to and has requested that I make one that says Go Big Red so that for the football season who ever comes into our house will be greeted in the right fashion.

just in case you missed it. hello friend pdf

February 8

I used potato stamps to make Rose a one of a kind Valentines Day shirt. It was  another crafty thing from the many ideas that can be found at pinterest (see what else I have pinned).

It was super easy and only cost me less than 10 bucks.

Onesie – $5.00
Fabric Paint- $2.00
Puff Paint- $1.00
Potato- $.10

Hint on making the O’s. Put the knifes point in the center and spin the knife while pushing down. The circle will be as wide as the knife.

Put fabric paint on the potato and then blot on a paper towel before stamping on the onesie

Make cute hearts and outline the stamps with puff paint


Remember to smile

When I was a little girl I would watch musicals and sing along dreaming that I was the star of the movie. One that I would watch over and over was Annie. Everyone knows about the sun coming up Tomorrow but my favorite song is when the orphans singing about always having a smile.

“Your never fully dressed without a smile” from Annie is so true and simple. Each of our smile is what makes our faces light up with happiness. I framed this poster for my bathroom to remind myself everyday to be fully dressed with my smile.

You can print your own since it fits on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper

Free download – Smile coral

Free download – Smile pink

Free download – Smile black

October 13

I have this side table/ book case that I have never really liked because it needs to be a side table in the bedroom but it doesn’t work. While sitting in bed you can not reach over to set something on the side table. No you have to reach around into it. But he biggest problem is that you can not see your alarm clock from bed. You have to frantically search for your alarm on the shelf and bring it to your face to see that you have five more minutes left to sleep. By that point you are wide awake and might as well get up. So I decided to change it.

Because I had assembled the shelf I knew that it went into two pieces that were the right height for a side table and the depth of the table would be perfecto. Next was the boring fake wood color that I wanted to change. I found instructions from pinterest on how to paint laminate/fake furniture the steps to change it. So back to the priming, painting, and sealing I went.

Turned out pretty good