Updating our kitchen stool

It took two weeks after moving to do my first painting project.

I really like my Ikea step stool. I have been intending to paint the steps since I bought it.  The wood is untreated so there was a problem of dirt lingering so I busted out the paint and had Rose help me.

ikea stool

Yep, I had Rose help paint. She spreads the first few strokes of paint and then I make sure it is all smoothed out. It takes a lot of my patience for her to help but I remind myself that I want to do fun creative projects with her.

ikea stool1

Here are some other examples of upcycled Ikea step stools
Emily Benziger
apartment therapy
decor pad
freckles chick

Decorating with Hearts

I have really been into pom pom’s lately. I love me some pom pom garlands, wreaths, and I have even seen cute pom pom flowers. Rose is amazed every time a new one comes off of the maker and insists on holding it. Because of this love a Valentines day decoration idea came to me- a pom pom heart banner.

pompom heart2- kellygreenshoppe

Like most painting projects now Rose helped me to paint the black. She got only a little paint on herself so she is getting better at helping. I like how simple it was to make and it turned out just like I wanted.

pompom heart- kellygreenshoppe

This year’s Valentines Day shirt

It is that time of year when Valentine’s Day comes again. Which means it is T-shirt time. This year I have the challenge of making a one girly and one non-girly lovey dovey shirt. Challenge accepted.

I didn’t think that she would like it so much but so far she has worn it all day and all night. I bet she would wear it all day again if she had it her way.

v-day shirt rose

With Rose’s shirt I washed it three hours after painting it. Doing this made the image softer and faded like it had been around a long time.

v-day shirt charlie

Click to download this years PDF
v-day shirt charlie pdf  v-day shirt rose pdf

For instructions on how to do Freezer paper printing click here.

Remember the past few years.

To the moon

What do you do if there is a poster that you have loved but can not find its source anywhere?
If your like me you decide to make one yourself. to the moon

I have seen this specific design on pinterest for a long time and knew it would be perfect for Charlie’s room. Here are some other design’s that are just as awesome and are a little less work on your part.

moon land of nodmoon etsy

land of nod
lisa barbero

Tackling the holidays

As the Mom I feel it is my job to make holidays exciting and special for my children. Now that Rose is old enough get excited about each holiday I need to step up my game. This task can be overwhelming especially if you are on limited budget or space. So this year I have set out to challenge myself to make each holiday special in small ways that I can easily accomplish.

This is my plan to add holiday flair in little bits.

1. Start out with one small decoration.
Don’t eat the elephant. What I mean is don’t go out and buy decorations to fill your whole house at once. Make or buy one small item each year to decorate your house. If you don’t like knick knacks everywhere pick one spot (ie- front door or fire place) to decorate for each holiday.

small decorations
lucky banner
easter wreath
Red pillow
flag artwork

2. Make/buy something festive to eat for that day
As a kid don’t you remember the treats. Pie at Thanksgiving, sugar cookies at Valentine’s Day, and Peeps for Easter. Yummy themed sweets are always a hit. And remember we don’t have to be super Moms we don’t have to make everything from scratch. holiday food

3. Talk about it before the day
Anticipation is one of the most effective ways to make the day fun. It is free. It is exciting. Everything that they will know about the holiday is what you teach them. Explain why the day is important. Talk about what we do for the day. Get books from the library about the holiday. But be careful because Rose has no sense of time so if we tell her when it is a week away she will be asking if it is that day for that whole entire week..

4. If all else fails wear an appropriate color for the day.
*Green – St. Patrick’s Day *Orange- Halloween *Pink- Valentine’s Day *Red- Christmas. Every holiday has it’s assigned color and I am sure that everyone has the colors in their wardrobe. It is fun to create something for the day or find something in your closet that works. holiday outfits

But the biggest thing to remember is that children want to share the holiday with you. These suggestions are here to enhance your holiday not take over and ruin it. When ever I feel like doing to much I pull myself back and remember I get to relive the excitement thru Rose and that is the best.

Rose’s new pink side table

I finished it! I could tell she was excited because the second it was in her room she had both sides and the drawer filled with books.

Rose side table finished

I chose the most saturated hue on the card because in the past I have picked other fun colors but went on the lighter side and when the project was done it didn’t have the pop that I wanted. I am still getting use to the color being so pink but Rose loves it. Plus it is a little girls room so pink is A-ok.

Rose side table finished 4Rose side table finished 2

Putting the new table in her room gave me the motivation to rearrange her room. Now her toys are more organized and she won’t nail her head on the corner of the changing table if she is not careful.

Rose side table finished 3

My after-bed-time project

I am remembering how slow projects go when you have a newborn.Rose side table

I took months for me to finish Rose’s crib project because of lack of motivation and short time in between feedings. Now I have a three yr old that would love to help by smearing paint everywhere. So I am only working on the side table after bedtime.


In the morning Rose was so excited to see it was turning pink. So excited that she had to get some of her books to test it out.

January 17

For Christmas we wanted to Santa to bring a play kitchen for Rose. I had a few different options that I liked: Pottery Barn kitchen (very expensive), Playschool plastic kitchen (Big bulky and to cutesie for my liking), Ikea kitchen (economical but involved traveling to the store in another state), or make one myself (fun to design but a big project).buy or make? 1kellygreenshoppe

There are lots examples of really fun DIY play kitchens from Pinterest that gave me ideas. Refurbishing a entertainment center seemed like a novel idea cause they are reasonably price on Craigslist and I could make it look exactly like I want.

But then I looked at reality and saw the unspoken costs involved. So I asked myself when is it ok for me to forgo making and just buy it from the store. When should a crafter see the writing on the wall and realize that they should just buy it?

buy or make? kellygreenshoppe

1. Do you have the tools needed?
One can not justify the cost of buying power tools to make something especially if the needed tools cost more than what the item would cost from a store. I agree that if you would use a chop saw everyday then it would be worth the price but unless you are going to become a carpenter at night the purchase would be a waste of resources.

2. Can the look or quality be duplicated?
If you have in you mind a very specific look or high quality can it be remade by your self?

3. Do you have room to devote to your project?
If it is a big project it could take several days or weeks to finish it. If so ask yourself can you and your family stand the mess that long? We live in an apartment so I don’t have an out of the way space to make such a huge mess. Plus it would be a battle to keep Rose out of it.

4. Would it be a constant reminder of stress?
Did you and your spouse have a major blow out while making the project? Did you want to pull out all your hair half way through? If a project caused so much angst and it is sitting in your home do you want to be reminded of those bad feelings. For Rose’s room I made a ruffled curtain. It turned out great but sometimes when I see it I am reminded of how much work it was to cut the fabric, sewing each piece, ruffling each piece, and placing each layer. Also if we move her into another room with more than one window I will have to sew another one.

5. The biggest question to ask yourself-  Do you have the time?
Our time is the most valuable resources that we have and once it is gone we can not earn more. So ask yourself how is your time be best spent and be honest with yourself.

These could be applied to when to do your own home improvement, making your own beauty supplies, or sewing your own clothes.

In the end we chose one from Ikea and Rose loves it.

December 14

Rose is very interest in taking the ornaments on and off the Christmas tree. Which is awesome till she pulls it over. So I decided to make some trees for her magnet board that she can safely decorate.25 signs of Christmas magnet trees

Paint chips come in awesome colors and BONUS are free. I cut shapes out in different colors and placed thin magnets on the back of each piece. For the board I cut tree shapes out of wrapping paper and taped them up. 25 signs of Christmas magnet trees2

It is simple and hopefully it will save Rose from having the tree fall on her face.