Charlie 0/7

Week 7

week 7

– At his one month check up Charlie weighs 12 pounds 5 ounces and measures 25 inches long making him 95% in height and above 75% in weight. Daddy is hoping for a basketball player with this height.

– Charlie slept in his own bed in his very own room this week. No more sleeping in his swing or the couch anymore. It is weird to see such a small person in the crib again.

Charlie 0/6

Week 6

week 6

– Charlie loves his bath. He loves to snuggle his nose in your neck to fall asleep. He does not love being covered up so that he can not see everything while we are out and about.

– One day because of bath and blow outs Charlie had a change of clothes four different times. We had to do his laundry at the end of the day so he would have something to wear the next day.

Charlie 0/4

Week 4

week 4

– Charlie has started lifting his head. It sarted a wobbley lift off my shoulder but has grown into a strong look around while I am burping him.

– During the day Charlie eats every two/three hours. At night he lasts four/five hours giving Mommy a little more time to sleep.

Charlie 0/3

Week 3

week 3

– When Charlie was in my tummy he would love to push outward attempting to get more room. Now that he is out he uses his freedom to stretch his arms and feet out as wide as he can.

– At his two week check up we found out that Charlie has gained one pound in just one week. He is 86% in height, 75% in head size and weight.

Charlie 0/2

Week 2

week 2

– One of my favorite things is when Charlie smiles in his sleep. He does it a lot and it always makes me wonder what he is dreaming about.

– Because he was so big when he was born he has already moved out of newborn sized diapers. It was a good thing that I only bought one small package of them.

Charlie 0/1

Week 1

week 1

– Because of proactive actions to avoid jaundice Charlie had to lay on a ultraviolet light bed during his hospital stay. Rose thought it was cool that he already had his own pair of “sunglasses” and his bed came with a blue light. I thought he kind of looked like a super hero while getting his treatment.

– It is a toss up between Rose and Mommy of who gives Charlie more kisses. It makes me happy that she loves her baby brother so much.

Let me introduce myself…

The sweetest little boy came into the world early last Friday morning.


Thomas Charles Grover was born 8 lbs 14 oz 20.5 inches long

Now that he is here I am reminded of why I put myself thru nine months of uncomfortableness. He is so worth ever pain and stretch mark that I got.


We are in love with Charlie especially Rose. She gives him kisses, wants to wake him up to have him “talk”, and counts the fingers on his hands.