Pumpkin babies

As requested by Grandpa Grover I put Charlie in a pumpkin like I did with baby Rose. They are both born in April so I knew that they would still small enough to fit inside a big one.

charlie inapumpkin4Rose inapumpkin2

charlie inapumpkin3

I can’t decide if I just got a smaller pumpkin for Charlie or if he is really that much bigger than Rose was. But considering that he is already in 12 month sized clothes when she was still in 6 months I think it is all him. To me looks a really cute pimpkin humpty dumpty.

He didn’t really like the cold wetness of the pumpkin so we had to take a binki break.

charlie inapumpkin5

charlie inapumpkin2

This was the one and only smile that we got out of him because Rose played peekaboo with him. Then she refused to do it again.

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