Tackling the holidays

As the Mom I feel it is my job to make holidays exciting and special for my children. Now that Rose is old enough get excited about each holiday I need to step up my game. This task can be overwhelming especially if you are on limited budget or space. So this year I have set out to challenge myself to make each holiday special in small ways that I can easily accomplish.

This is my plan to add holiday flair in little bits.

1. Start out with one small decoration.
Don’t eat the elephant. What I mean is don’t go out and buy decorations to fill your whole house at once. Make or buy one small item each year to decorate your house. If you don’t like knick knacks everywhere pick one spot (ie- front door or fire place) to decorate for each holiday.

small decorations
lucky banner
easter wreath
Red pillow
flag artwork

2. Make/buy something festive to eat for that day
As a kid don’t you remember the treats. Pie at Thanksgiving, sugar cookies at Valentine’s Day, and Peeps for Easter. Yummy themed sweets are always a hit. And remember we don’t have to be super Moms we don’t have to make everything from scratch. holiday food

3. Talk about it before the day
Anticipation is one of the most effective ways to make the day fun. It is free. It is exciting. Everything that they will know about the holiday is what you teach them. Explain why the day is important. Talk about what we do for the day. Get books from the library about the holiday. But be careful because Rose has no sense of time so if we tell her when it is a week away she will be asking if it is that day for that whole entire week..

4. If all else fails wear an appropriate color for the day.
*Green – St. Patrick’s Day *Orange- Halloween *Pink- Valentine’s Day *Red- Christmas. Every holiday has it’s assigned color and I am sure that everyone has the colors in their wardrobe. It is fun to create something for the day or find something in your closet that works. holiday outfits

But the biggest thing to remember is that children want to share the holiday with you. These suggestions are here to enhance your holiday not take over and ruin it. When ever I feel like doing to much I pull myself back and remember I get to relive the excitement thru Rose and that is the best.