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Nope my name is not Kelly green but this is why is my blog called Kelly Green Shoppe.

1.My favorite time of year is the spring when the new leaves emerge and there are bright new shades of Green everywhere. This is why green is my favorite color.

2. and isn’t Kelly Green more catchy and memorable?

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About Me
My Name: Karen
My Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
My Husband: Tom
My Job: Graphic Designer, STILL locater of all misplaced things for Tom, and Mommy to Rose & Charlie

My Daily Events: Feeding Rose yogurt and Charlie oatmeal for breakfast, going to story time once or twice a week, reading the same princess storybook every day, searching Pinterest like everyone else, watching reality tv with my hubby, and when everyone has gone to bed I work on designing things that I like.

My intent: Deciding to stay home to take care of my kids I was faced with the reality of lack of adult interaction and even less interaction of creative minds. In my job as a graphic designer I had been used to creative projects everyday so to regain some of that connection back I create my own projects. By sharing my life I hope you will share a piece of yours with me.


Contact Me: Kellygreenshoppe@gmail.com