7 tips for a 52 photo project

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5 tips to make 52 week photo project

This past week I finished up my second year of a 52 project. When I started I had know idea that I would be still at it two years later. But I love that I can look back at how Rose has changed in that time. Here are some things that I have learned.

1. Pick a specific day during the week and always take the picture on that day.

Choose the one day during the week that is the slowest. Our day is Tuesday, Rose was born on Tuesday so that is why I choose it. If you miss your day it is not the end of the world just make sure you take one as soon as you are able.

2. Keep it simple.

You will be doing this every week so don’t make it a huge production. When I started I thought about using backdrops and stuff for style purposes but decided against it because if I know my self. If I did it I would become so overwhelming and would have burned out in four weeks.

3. Have the kids doing something.

something to do

It is hard to not have the same photo over and over since you are taking 52 of them. The easiest way to change it up is to have them doing a different activities. Also with keeping it simple make sure that the activities are something that doesn’t take a lot of effort.ex. reading, coloring, eating,

4. Get to know how your camera works.

Children move fast so have the right shutter speed and ISO. White balance is my biggest lesson/challenge because I take most of the photos inside. Pinterest is a treasure trove to find tutorial links on how to use your camera.

5. Take lots and lots of pictures.

lots of photos

When you think you have got that one shot take five more. It always happens that when I think I have got “the one” I look at all of them on the computer there is another shot that is even better.

6. Get down to kid level.

Getting down to their eye level changes everything. Seeing their eyes, their expressions, and facial features is so much better than the top of their heads. Laying on my tummy is the most convenient/versatile position that I usually end up in.

7. Don’t always have them smile.

make them smile

Kids are not always happy. They are not smiling all the time so capture as many expression as you can. Plus some of the crazier ones could be used for blackmail when they are sweet sixteen.

Hope this helps you tackle your own 52 project.