Baby #3 gender reveal

pink or blue

Rose has always been clear about her wanting the baby to be a girl. I wonder if Charlie even knows what is coming in June.

pink or blue2pink or blue3

As a side note I will never have to share my cotton candy with Charlie boy. He liked the sweet taste but couldn’t get over the weird texture in his mouth. Rose asked for more and more while he was drooling to get it all out.

pink or blue1

Project 52 2016/1

Like most of you I wonder what how much is to much to share online about my children. I love that distant friends and family can still be close to my kids but as Rose keeps getting older her week x week clips get more personal. So with a new year it is time to implement a new way to share.

I will be still sharing their photos but not the personal updates.

Rose year 4 week 37

Year4 week37

Charlie year 1 week 41


The blurbs will still be written each week for their own history if you would like to still be in the know contact me to receive them by email.

Charlie 1/40

Year 1 Week 40


– If you are drinking a brown drink Charlie knows it is yummy and will insist that you give him a dink. (drink)

– I should know better than to offer Charlie some of my food. But I thought that he would not really like yellow curry. What almost two year old likes Thai food?

Rose 4/36

Year 4 Week 36

Year4 week36

– Rose had so much fun with her cousins swinging that at the end of the day she had mysterious red sores from where the seat hit her legs.

– She went sledding for the first time this week. Grandpa Ekins pulled he behind his 4 wheeler on a sled. When I asked her how fun it was and she said it was super duper fun.

Rose 4/35

Year 4 Week 35

Year4 week35

– With 20 degree weather snowmen are hastely made in 10 mins bofore you hands start to hurt.

– Rose was generous on Christmas morning. She was more than willing to help Charlie open his presents as well as her own.