Charlie 0/24

Week 24

week 24

– Charlie likes to suck on the back of his bottom lip. Daddy was worried one day that he had something in his mouth but no it just turned out to be his lip.

– I can not feed this kid fast enough. He cries for more food in between bites and when it is all gone he gives you a look that says “That is it? Why is there not more?”. I feel like I have been starving him.

Rose 3/21

Year 3 Week 21

Year3 week21

– For some reason Rose thinks that book characters and princesses are going to visit us. So all day long we have to be looking for them, asking why they have not come yet, and getting excited that they just knocked on the door. To encourage imagination we have been going along with it but not encouraging it cause I think she is sometimes serious.

– This week we were late for church. It would have been nice to quietly slip Rose in to nursery with no one noticing but as soon as the door was opened Rose shouted hello to everyone announcing that she was here. I wonder what happened to the quiet shy little girl I once had.

Things I know – Carseats

things i know

thingsi know carseat

1- Is there anything harder than researching and choosing a car seat? Ok. maybe looking for a house is the only thing to beat it. But do you go with only getting the best bargain, safety overrides all, or should we throw it all out the window and to what our parents did by seeing who was the strongest lasts the longest. Suggestions????

I do have to say when I first saw Mr. Cow seat I wondered who in their right mind would want that in their car? Now that I have seen it for a bit he has grown on me but not enough that I would choose that pattern.

2- They have this in ice cream form!!!!!!!
Confession- I have a jar of the spread for my own consumption with finger scoops in it. It is such a good pick me up when you are having a sugar craving moment.

3- I am in love with the illustrations of Daisy and Josephine by Melissa Gilbert. The story needed a little more work but I loved reading it to Rose so that I could see the pictures again.

4- Tis the season. Pumpkin in all shapes and forms are heading your way and waist line.
Get ready. Check it out.