Pot o’ Gold for a playdate

Rose has a play date with some friends. Once a week they gather at a different someones house to play. That means that for two hours once a month I get to entertain 4 almost four year olds. With glue, construction paper, and crayons I tackled entertaining them for part of the time.

Playdate printable- rainbow4Playdate printable- rainbow3

While they were gluing I tried explaining about pots of gold and leprechauns. Have you ever explained to a kindergartner the myth of leprechauns for the first time? It is difficult. Even to an adult this stuff can be confusing.

Playdate printable- rainbow2

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Share yours with me, Rose, and Charlie #playdateprintable

Rose 3/43

Year 3 week 43

Year3 week43

– A polite quote from Rose “Mom, stop being a grouch face”. This tells me that 1- she likes Sesame Street 2- I kind of was being a grouch 3- don’t let her see that what she said was funny

– She hates sudsy bubbles. Bubbles that you blow outside are fine but bubble bathtub, dish soap bubbles or soapy bubbles she will not touch them.

Rose 3/42

Year 3 week 42

Year3 week42

– At church Rose must have learned the song BINGO because she has been singing it to herself all week.

–  I have been trying to teach her that visitors need privacy if doors are closed. I think is has finally has sunk in because she has started asking for privacy while she is going to the bathroom. It is funny to have her to ask straight faced for “her privacy”.