For your Easter playdate

Who needs orange carrots? Ok, a black carrot would not be pleasant to eat but Rose doesn’t use orange that much.

Easter playdate printable3 - kellygreenshoppe

I love that she sits at her desk and paints not one, not two, but three pictures. Then gets mad at me when I don’t let her get more paper from the printer to keep painting. I think if I let her she would paint a whole ream of paper.

Easter playdate printable - kellygreenshoppe

Paint your own and share it with us. #playdateprintableplaydate printable- easter bunch playdate printable- easter bunnies

Rose 3/46

Year 3 week 46

Year3 week46

– Sometimes for breakfast Rose will ask for “silly blue goo”. I know the phrase comes from a Dr. Seuss book but I have to idea what she expects blue goo would taste like.

– Our playgroup went to a local fire station this week. She learned that we are her words allergic to fire so don’t touch it. We have also been practicing her “STOP, DROP, and ROLL” technique.

Charlie 0/49

Week 49

week 49

– This kid loves his binki, blankie, and bedtime. He loves to snuggle the blankie when it is time to go to sleep and I have to wait for him to start making noise telling me he is done.

– When he is done drinking he has a trick that I call the sip and spit. If I don’t catch him doing this fun trick his shirt is soaked thru after he eats.

Things I know – Gratitude

things i know

things i know- gratitude

1- I have not heard the song Thank You for the Music for a few years but I have loved it from the second I discovered it on the Mama Mia cd. I would belt it out on my way home from work. I like singing but when I am alone is the only time that I really sing. Anyways I can’t get to the end on the song without feeling truly grateful and start crying. It gets me every time.

2- How did I miss this super funny movie? Crazy Stupid Love! I am glad that I finnaly climbed out of my hole to see what I was missing. Oh, you are welcome for the eye candy.

3-  I ordered this crown for Rose’s 4th birthday photo shoot. I am so excited for her to wear it.

4- Being an adult is awesome – choosing to have ice cream for dinner – awesome. Realizing all the decisions and choices that comes with being an adult – not so awesome.

Charlie 0/48

Week 48

week 48

– We got good and bad news at the Dr. Office this week. Bad that Charlie has double ear infection. Good that he is finally 20 pounds. He sat at 18 lbs for three months so any gain is good news.

– He started to do the army crawl. A slow push with one foot and pull with his arms is how he is moving. Sometimes he messes it up and smooshes his face into the ground.

Someday you will thank me

My Dad takes lots of pictures. He has always taken lots of pictures especially when we are at an event usually with large amounts of people. I remember being annoyed that we had to pose for one more picture or embarrassed that he asked everyone to gather. I am sure that he said that some day I will thank him for taking so many pictures. Well that day has come.

Ten years ago my Dad came to Tom’s debate competition and took these pictures.

thanks dad thanks dad1

He had no I idea that these would be only pictures that Tom would have taken with his debate partner Trevor. Or that ten years later because Trevor would be going thru the battle of brain cancer Tom wished that he had a picture of the two of them back in the day. But because my Dad is awesome a simple text and some searching in old files he sent these gems to Tom.

So thanks Dad. Hope I learned well so that I can embarrass Rose and Charlie with all the pictures I take that they have to thank me later too.

Please take a moment to read Trevor’s story and learn how awesome he and his family is.