Dishes: old or new

My sister once asked me what my suggestion was for dishes other than Corell. Corell dishes are awesome. They are light and microwave safe (a big lesson to learn as a newly wed person so that your new hubby does not burn his hand and curse your beautiful dishes). They last forever (like my Mom has had the same set for 20+ yrs forever). BUT this is the catch they are sometimes not very modern looking.

So what else could be used?

Back in the day when I was a teenager I remember telling my Mom that I was going to have enamel dishes. Enamle is like the metal stuff you use while camping that is usually blue with speckles. My reasoning was kids can’t break metal and if it gets chipped it adds character. I think I was right cause look at all the awesome colors (minus the speckles) you can find.

enamel enamel2
West Elm


But if you must stick Corell that is tried and true choose wisely. corell

Looks for the day

It is a sad day when Rose’s bath toy Ariel has a better hair do for the day than I do.

ariel hair

But some things I have over her is My eyes are not freakishly wide set – a three yr old doesn’t hold me under hot water to see my shells change color – but most important I am not plastic. Take that Ariel.

Rose 3/12

Year 3 Week 12

Year3 week12

- Rose had her first skinned knees. We put band aids on each knee and she hated them when they rubbed when she walked. She stood there for a while, walked funny for awhile, then insisted that she was not bleeding anymore so I could take them off.

- We visited the library story time this week but Rose’s main objective was to get an Aurthur book like they said to do on PBS kids. She was super excited when I showed one to her.

Rose 3/11

Year 3 Week 11

Year3 week11

- Rose is still fascinated by the Dr. and because we got her a Dr. kit she has started giving everyone check ups. Dr. Rose (as Daddy calls her) will take your temperature, give you some medicine, listen to your heart, and follow it all up with a shot.

- Lately Rose has been into shutting doors. She mostly does it to get away from Mommy because she is playing around or I have asked her to do something she does not want to do. The first few times it was no big deal but now it is becoming a problem. I don’t enjoy walking into an almost closed door.

Charlie 0/14

Week 14

week 14

- Something is going on inside Charlie’s mouth. The drooling, chewing on hands and fingers have commenced. But his most favorite thing is to cover his fists with his swaddler to chew on them.

- Rose refers to him as her sister. I have even tried to explain that He’s are brothers and She’s are Sisters. As usual she ignores me and does her own thing.