It is football season

It is that time of year again. Where hope springs eternal, coaches have only positive things to say, and every Saturday is devoted to cheering on your team. But there is one problem in our house which team color to wear?

born to be

Blue for the Aggies? or Red for the Huskers? Do you go with the team that is most likely to win? Do you go with the one plays first in the day? Do you go with the color that he looks best in? Sometimes the decision is made easy for you by spitting up and end up wearing both.

borntobe blue
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borntobe red
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Rose 3/17

Year 3 Week 17

Year3 week18

- She is obsessed with salt. If the shaker is on the table she will find it and dump half of it on her food. I have not made her eat all of that salt that she spilled because I am afraid that she will get an upset tummy from it. If she keeps doing it I will have to let her learn that to much salt is super nasty.

I wrote the first paragraph last night and this morning Rose got up before anyone else. She found that someone had left out the shaker of salt. She must have thought it was her lucky day till she came running into our room saying that she had a tummy ache. I gave her a glass of milk to help balance out all that salt but less that five mins she puked it all up. I guess lesson learned.

To the moon

What do you do if there is a poster that you have loved but can not find its source anywhere?
If your like me you decide to make one yourself. to the moon

I have seen this specific design on pinterest for a long time and knew it would be perfect for Charlie’s room. Here are some other design’s that are just as awesome and are a little less work on your part.

moon land of nod moon etsy

land of nod
lisa barbero

Charlie 0/20

Week 20

week 20

- Charlie tried his first food this week. It was pureed sweet potato. It took him a minute figure out that he should swallow. The funny part was that Rose started gagging because he was spitting it out or the texture of the food. Over all he liked it.

- Rose and Charlie have started playing peek a boo together. If she catches him in a silly mood he will laugh and giggle at her.

Rose 3/16

Year 3 Week 16

Year3 week17

- While I was feeding Charlie Rose asked me if she could take care of him. Looking down her shirt she said that she had boobs so that she could feed and take care of him. Little minds are sweetly innocent.

- Rose will say a sentence followed by “said Rose”. I guess she is following the example she hears from her books.

Drawing trees

My first year of college I wanted to be a landscape architect. What was I thinking? Me with all that math? Anyways that year I took a drawing workshop from Mike Lin. I was amazed at how beautiful his style was and how fast he could draw.

I still find it beautiful even if I don’t draw just trees for a living.