Looks for the day

It is a sad day when Rose’s bath toy Ariel has a better hair do for the day than I do.

ariel hair

But some things I have over her is My eyes are not freakishly wide set – a three yr old doesn’t hold me under hot water to see my shells change color – but most important I am not plastic. Take that Ariel.

Rose 3/12

Year 3 Week 12

Year3 week12

- Rose had her first skinned knees. We put band aids on each knee and she hated them when they rubbed when she walked. She stood there for a while, walked funny for awhile, then insisted that she was not bleeding anymore so I could take them off.

- We visited the library story time this week but Rose’s main objective was to get an Aurthur book like they said to do on PBS kids. She was super excited when I showed one to her.

Rose 3/11

Year 3 Week 11

Year3 week11

- Rose is still fascinated by the Dr. and because we got her a Dr. kit she has started giving everyone check ups. Dr. Rose (as Daddy calls her) will take your temperature, give you some medicine, listen to your heart, and follow it all up with a shot.

- Lately Rose has been into shutting doors. She mostly does it to get away from Mommy because she is playing around or I have asked her to do something she does not want to do. The first few times it was no big deal but now it is becoming a problem. I don’t enjoy walking into an almost closed door.

Charlie 0/14

Week 14

week 14

- Something is going on inside Charlie’s mouth. The drooling, chewing on hands and fingers have commenced. But his most favorite thing is to cover his fists with his swaddler to chew on them.

- Rose refers to him as her sister. I have even tried to explain that He’s are brothers and She’s are Sisters. As usual she ignores me and does her own thing.

Baby Tux

Look out GQ…… Your next dashing model is going to be ready in about 20 yrs. baby tux1

Charlie was blessed by his father the other weekend and I finally was able this week to take his pictures to document the event. I love that we were able to finally use an outfit that I bought our second year of marriage when I was just dreaming of my babies. Just another sign that he was meant to be in our family.

baby tux3 baby tux4

I also love that his outfit is reminiscent of old school tuxedos with the baby blue ruffles. It reminds me of Vegas glamor days when the Rat Pack ruled and I love that side of this town.

baby tux

Things I know – Mermaids

things i know

thingsi know mermaid

1- Call the Midwife. What a great show. Makes me feel grateful for my children and modern medicine.

2- I am torn while I dreamed about being a mermaid every time we went to the swimming pool as a girl I find having an actual tail odd. I think I might drown if I tried swimming with one.

3- Coconut should be added to everything.

4- Light clutter is the hardest thing to ban from my house. Right there with dishes and laundry.