Happy Retsae to you

I wanted to finish a pre-baby project today but I had to do it with Rose’s help while holding a fussy Charlie. Being smarter than the average bear I decided to put the letters face down, evenly space them, taped them to the string, and when I flipped it over discovered that I should have spelled the word backwards.

happy retsae

I guess this is what happens when you craft with a two yr old and newborn.
Happy RETSAE (Easter)!

Charlie 0/1

Week 1

week 1

- Because of proactive actions to avoid jaundice Charlie had to lay on a ultraviolet light bed during his hospital stay. Rose thought it was cool that he already had his own pair of “sunglasses” and his bed came with a blue light. I thought he kind of looked like a super hero while getting his treatment.

- It is a toss up between Rose and Mommy of who gives Charlie more kisses. It makes me happy that she loves her baby brother so much.

Let me introduce myself…

The sweetest little boy came into the world early last Friday morning.


Thomas Charles Grover was born 8 lbs 14 oz 20.5 inches long

Now that he is here I am reminded of why I put myself thru nine months of uncomfortableness. He is so worth ever pain and stretch mark that I got.


We are in love with Charlie especially Rose. She gives him kisses, wants to wake him up to have him “talk”, and counts the fingers on his hands.

Us in April

It looks like we will have two April birthdays in our family. This made me think about how our little family has changed in that month over the years. So I took a walk down photo memory lane of the pictures that we have together in the month of April while Tom and I have been married.

Us in April

Two things I noticed
- In the beginning there sure is a lot of Jazz pride being shown in April.
- Tom and I never got a picture together with newborn baby Rose. Mental note to make sure we get one this baby.

I am excited for this years photo with Baby Brother bringing another big change in April.

Rose 2/48

Year 2 Week 48

Year2 week48

- Going along with the “I do it myself” phase Rose has started insisting on going to the potty by herself. She does a pretty good job but Mommy still likes to be there just in case

- Lately if Rose gets any water on her shirt she has to take it off. Which is fine if we are at the house and she can grab a new one. The problem is when we are out & about and she wants to go without her wet shirt. Mommy then has to explain that it is not ok to have no shirt in public to a toddler.

Thought for the day

This has been my thoughts for the past few days Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 2.28.19 PM
Brian Hillegas

When am I going to start labor?,
Get the pump out for the baby,
Anytime here kid and you can come,
Get blankets washed for the baby,
Get newborn diapers for the baby,
start labor now…,
Get bottles washed for the baby,
clean, clean, clean,
I hate bending over,
start labor now….,
Don’t start labor. It is going to really hurt,
Ignorance was bliss,
Why did I want to do this again?,
Please don’t tell me I am getting sick,
Great I am sick,
Please don’t go into labor while sick,
How does a pregnant person survive on a clear liquid diet?,
I am starving,
I just want to lie here and not play sorry Rose,
Whew I didn’t go into labor while sick,
clean, clean, clean,
When am I going to start labor?

Either Baby Brother needs to get moving or I need to find something else to obsess about cause if not it might be a long week.

Rose 2/47

Year 2 Week 47

Year2 week47

- If there is a highlighter anywhere in the house Rose will find it. She loves to draw with them more than any thing else but be warned that she will use the highlighter to draw on everything. Herself being the most favorite.

- Rose loves her stroller. I thought all kids saw them as hated restraint devices. She will by herself climb into it, ask to be buckled in, and then insist to go for a walk.

Rose 2/46

Year 2 Week 46

Year2 week46

- We have had a lot of visitors lately and Rose has lost all her shyness. She loves having new faces to play with. In the mornings she can hardly wait for them to open their door so that she can go show them her things, read them a book, or just jump on the bed with them.

- In anticipation of Baby Brother coming soon Rose has started to play “Baby”. She fake cries and drinks from her doll’s bottle then needs to be burped. While it is cute I am a little worried that it will become more than just a game.

The baby name game

I am not very creative with naming things. As shown in the fact that Rose’s stuffed animals are named Kitty cat, Dolly, and Jingle bear (it has a bell inside of it). My own stuffed bear when I was little was simply named teddy bear. Maybe it is this lack of creativity that makes it so hard to decide what to call another human being.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 9.29.37 AM

This name will be carried with your child to the school bus all the way to the job interviews. I remember being a kid on a bus everyday and how we manipulated others names to our advantage. For this reason I don’t want to pick a name that is going to make either situation more stressful for him than it already can be.

Here are some places that I have found helpful while looking to find a name.

Baby Center.com
Name berry.com
Social Security