Rose 2/52

Year 2 Week 52

Year2 week52

- Rose kept using the word “fire place” when talking about Charlie. It took me a day or so to understand that in her mind the word pacifier is fire place.

- I didn’t know that Rose cared if I took her picture till I started taking newborn pictures of Charlie. She kept getting in the shot and telling me to take them of “two kids”. In order to get a few with out Rose we compromised to take some together, some alone, and that she was able to lay on the blanket after I was done.

What color to paint?

I am excited. I have new-to-me piece of furniture to refresh with a coat of paint. Now that I am no longer prego I can paint again I am itching to start on this project.

Rose side table

This side table came from my Great Grandmother and was used as my Mom’s side table for as long as I can remember. They just bought a new bedroom set so this side table has come to stay with me. I am planing to use it in Rose’s room because with all those scallops and details it is screaming to be in a girl’s room.

Which brings me to my current challenge – What color do I choose to paint it?

Rose side table colors

Do I go with girly with soft pink, neutral grey, or unexpected blue in a girls room?
Keep in mind this is her bedding colors.
Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.25.36 PM
pottery barn kids

Charlie 0/2

Week 2

week 2

- One of my favorite things is when Charlie smiles in his sleep. He does it a lot and it always makes me wonder what he is dreaming about.

- Because he was so big when he was born he has already moved out of newborn sized diapers. It was a good thing that I only bought one small package of them.

Rose 2/50

Year 2 Week 50

Year2 week50

- Rose has started being afraid of bee’s. When she see’s any kind of flying bug to her it is a bee. She will run to one of us with her eyes covered in fear. We then reassure her that they will not get her if she just leaves them alone and she is fine.

- She like to give me positive affirmations. Sometimes while I am doing some random chore she will compliment me by saying I am doing a “good job”.

Happy Retsae to you

I wanted to finish a pre-baby project today but I had to do it with Rose’s help while holding a fussy Charlie. Being smarter than the average bear I decided to put the letters face down, evenly space them, taped them to the string, and when I flipped it over discovered that I should have spelled the word backwards.

happy retsae

I guess this is what happens when you craft with a two yr old and newborn.
Happy RETSAE (Easter)!

Charlie 0/1

Week 1

week 1

- Because of proactive actions to avoid jaundice Charlie had to lay on a ultraviolet light bed during his hospital stay. Rose thought it was cool that he already had his own pair of “sunglasses” and his bed came with a blue light. I thought he kind of looked like a super hero while getting his treatment.

- It is a toss up between Rose and Mommy of who gives Charlie more kisses. It makes me happy that she loves her baby brother so much.

Let me introduce myself…

The sweetest little boy came into the world early last Friday morning.


Thomas Charles Grover was born 8 lbs 14 oz 20.5 inches long

Now that he is here I am reminded of why I put myself thru nine months of uncomfortableness. He is so worth ever pain and stretch mark that I got.


We are in love with Charlie especially Rose. She gives him kisses, wants to wake him up to have him “talk”, and counts the fingers on his hands.