Lucy at 5 months

lucy-5-monthsLucy, you are a delight. Today you brought us all to smiles because of your giggles at Charlie working on his jumping. You like it when Rose sings her made up songs to you.

lucy-5-months1You are the only one of my babies to have leg rolls. They might be little now but the amount you eat those rolls are going to get chunkier.

lucy-5-months2I am so glad you decided to join our family.

Lucy in a pumpkin

I happen to have my babies at the right time of year. The just right time of year that they are a pumpkin for Halloween.

lucy-pumpkinIt takes finding a big, tall pumpkin that you can hollow out just right. Then it takes both parents to carefully slide her into the pumpkin. I tried to have the kids help carve the pumpkin but they looked inside only to say eww.

lucy-pumpkin4Lucy is still working on sitting up so I had a short time till she lost it. She is even cute when she did.


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