Rose 3/38

Year 3 Week 38

Year3 week38

– Rose enjoyed seeing the snow. She built a snowman, wore her globes, threw snowballs, and tasted a little bit every time she picked some up.

– A few weeks ago I explained what Eskimo kisses were to Rose. Now when we are sunggling she will ask for “smoe kisses” Be careful because she will gently touch noses but she just might smoosh it next.

We took a trip

We went to the hardware store. I felt a little dumb pulling out my big camera in the middle of Lowes especially when one of the workers suspiciously asked me if I needed some help. These pictures make the odd looks worth it.

hardware 2 hardware

Can you tell Rose has been influenced by Lightning McQueen? Think speed.

Rose 3/37

Year 3 Week 37

Year3 week37

– When we went to the hardware store Rose choose the race car shopping cart. After she and Charlie were buckled in she drove us thru the store. Showing good manners she beep beeped to tell people that we were coming.

– Rose was under the weather this week with a 103 fever in the middle of the night. That was the highest fever she has ever had so far. She kept saying “I don’t feel well.”

Charlie 0/40

Week 40

week 40

– He grew! Charlie is 18 pounds and 4 ounces. He is also 29 and a half inches tall. We worked really hard the whole month to move up in the weight percentile but we stayed the same 35%.

– Charlie is right handed. When eating he mostly picks up the food with his right hand. Sometimes when he is done there is unnoticed food left in his left hand.

Paper snowflakes

Today we are taking down the only snowflakes that come here in Vegas. Rose gets so excited about the snow. She will ask me if the snow is coming to our house and I have to explain that Las Vegas is to warm for snow. She loves snow so much because the only time she sees it we are having fun visiting Grandma. She might think differently if was had to deal with it and the cold everyday.


So to all of you shoveling piles of the real white stuff this week I wish I could bottle up some of our sunshine to send your way. Stay warm this weekend.