Rose 3/51

Year 3 Week 51

Year3 week51

– We had apple cider vinegar on the counter. Because of the picture of apples on the bottle Rose kept pestering me to let her drink some. I told her she could drink it only after she smelled it. She passed.

– Rose has found the cooler really fun to play with. She puts her ponies in it and carries it room to room all day long. At night the ponies sleep top down in it beside her bed. I don’t know what does that says about Rose?

tbt- Zion mountain

tbt zion

These two pictures are years apart but I thought it was interesting that the same mountain was in both. Standing in the same place but witnessing different periods of our lives.

2006 Tom & I had just gotten married. For spring break we took of to Zion National Park. There still was snow on the ground so for tent camping it was cold.

2011 Rose was 10 months old on her first camping trip. Camping with an infant is sometimes a challenge. Sleeping in the back of the suv is the best solution.

Birthday at the park

This past Saturday we had a get together at the part for Charlie.

charlie bday2

Since his birthday I have been thinking how I am so lucky to be his Mom. How it might be impossible to not feel happier around Charlie and his happy disposition. How easy going he is to be totted around running my errands. If it weren’t for the stinky diapers I would think he is perfect.

charlie bday

Rose 3/50

Year 3 Week 50

Year3 week50

– Rose is obsessed about jumping. She likes to jump on Mommy and Daddy’s bed every chance she gets. She even tried to jump over Charlie till we explained jumping over her brother was very dangerous.

– Sometimes when I get ready in the morning Rose gets to have her screen time. So every morning she politely asks if I need to take a shower. She needs to learn how to hide her motives a little better.

Mommy’s have food issues too

This is when my food was only my food. When my stomach was the only one I was concerned with. Before I was a Mom and developed Mommy food issues.


1- Mom’s don’t eat when the kids eat. Why should we when they are content to sit in one spot and be quiet. It is time for us to get something else done like change the laundry.

2- When at a restaurant always order the largest portion because half of your meal will inevitably go to fed your kids. If you order a regular sized meal there will be nothing left for you.

3- Throwing away your kids dinner that you painstakingly made and sending them to bed is a hard thing to do. But she will remember it the next day when you tell her to eat her dinner.

What is your foodie issues?

Charlie 0/52

Week 52

week 52

– He is ONE! I can’t believe that it has been a whole year that Charlie has been with us. It has been a year of laughs and big friendly smiles.

– Charlie and Rose have been playing really cute together lately. For example while Charlie was in his stroller Rose made him giggle and laugh by spinning him around. They played like that for ten minutes. They both could have done it longer but it was time to go.