Sparkling with glitter

While visiting Grandma’s house we might have left a patch of glitter on her lawn to remember us by.


Every time I see glitter I have two urges 1. I have to touch it and 2. How fun would it be to blow it everywhere? So ever since I have seen people blowing glitter on Pinterest I have really wanted to do it with Rose.

This link from Moosh in Indy was very helpful in explaining how to do the shot.

sparkle 1

Some things I learned.

Make sure you have good light. Like the link says do it outside at the golden hour.

Having Rose keep her hands flat as possible let me see more of her face and the glitter spread more evenly.

Focus on their hands and then turn off auto focus.

Be prepared to get covered with glitter ( I think Rose liked that she got me with the glitter just as much as she liked blowing it everywhere.)

It is not as complicated as it looks. Give it a try and if it doesn’t work at least you have fun blowing glitter.

sparkle 3

Rose 4/1

Year 4 Week 1

Year4 week1

– While walking on Utah State University’s campus this week I told Rose this is where the Aggies go to school. She then pleaded if she could go to school here. “Please, please, please can I go to school?”

– Rose is 38 lbs (75 %) and 42 inches tall (95%). Because she got two shots at her year check up she did not enjoy that Dr. visit as much as usual.

Look who turned 4

Look who is 4

The jump from three to four has been a huge one. Her opinions about how to do her hair (nothing, no elastics, no bows) and what she would wear everyday (her blue Cinderella dress) emerged sometimes forcefully. She started using her imagination to play by herself. She learned how to do a front flip. And Rose has learned how to be a kind, sort of sharing big sister.

Look who is 4-1

She asked all week about her party and then while we made the cake took all of her will power to not taste it before the party. So when her friends came over and it was time to eat the cake it made her day.

Rose 3/51

Year 3 Week 51

Year3 week51

– We had apple cider vinegar on the counter. Because of the picture of apples on the bottle Rose kept pestering me to let her drink some. I told her she could drink it only after she smelled it. She passed.

– Rose has found the cooler really fun to play with. She puts her ponies in it and carries it room to room all day long. At night the ponies sleep top down in it beside her bed. I don’t know what does that says about Rose?

tbt- Zion mountain

tbt zion

These two pictures are years apart but I thought it was interesting that the same mountain was in both. Standing in the same place but witnessing different periods of our lives.

2006 Tom & I had just gotten married. For spring break we took of to Zion National Park. There still was snow on the ground so for tent camping it was cold.

2011 Rose was 10 months old on her first camping trip. Camping with an infant is sometimes a challenge. Sleeping in the back of the suv is the best solution.