Things I know- cookie

things i know thingsi know- cookie

Cookies are getting to fancy. They are getting so good looking that you don’t want to eat them. Instead they sit on your counter till they are old and stale no longer edible. I say spend the time decorating the house with something meant to last and stick with the classic always delicious chocolate chip cookie. You will enjoy it just as much and have less dishes in your sink.

1- ombre cookies
2- rainbow
3- cinco de mayo
4- Love cookies

Rose 3/33

Year 3 Week 33

Year3 week33

– Who doesn’t need “ear muffies” to color or generally wear around the house. Especially since they have Elsa and Anna on them.

– Before going to be Rose likes to hear a “Rosabeth was born in Nebraska” story. It is a story about herself, the fun things she gets to do, and sometimes how awesome Nebraska is.

Charlie 0/36

Week 36

week 36

– Charlie finally broke 18 lbs by one ounce this month. He is also 29 inches tall making him 35% in weight and 93% in height. The dr told me that he needs to be drinking more milk to put on some weight now starts the battle of having him take a bottle.

– He met Santa. Charlie didn’t care for the jolly old man very much.

Rose 3/32

Year 3 Week 32

Year3 week32

– Rose thinks that when you throw food at another person it is called a “Fight Food”

– When she really wants add emphasis she will add jumping up and down at the end of her sentence. At the same time she will physically jump.

– Playing miniature golf was much more enjoyable than meeting Santa Claus.

Pictures with Santa

Our record with picture taking with Santa is not a good one.Picture 88
this was our first year

I am missing the second year. I will have to dig that out from somewhere.santa visit 2013 2
this is the third

santa web 2014
and this happened last night.

I had to promise to hold Rose the whole time so that she would even go in the same room as Santa. You can’t tell in this picture that she was still scared of him. Charlie was fine till they shook some jingle bells and he lost it. It was 15 mins before they closed for the night so Santa was ready to not have a screaming kid on his lap.

Another year another Christmas gem.