Charlie 1/10

Week 10


– Because of all the moving boxes Charlie has become a confident stander. He will pull himself up, stand for a minute, sit back down, and move on to the next box to do it all over again.

– During the kids bath time I will pour water out of a cup from high up. Charlie will try to grab the stream of water like a rope. He thinks it is both funny and frustrating.

Rose 4/6

Week 6

Year4 week6

– Last night Tom started telling Rose all about dinosaurs. He would pull up a picture of each kind and describe what was unique about it. At the end she asked if she could see any live dinosaurs. He then tried to explain that they died a long time ago but I don’t know it connected in her brain.


Rose 4/5

Week 5

Year4 week5

– Rose keeps telling every one how excited she is to be getting a new “princess” room that we will be painting purple.

– Rose has become really excited about brushing her teeth thanks to a new app where she can brush with Disney “charaptures”. Every time she brushes she earns a picture and a star. Several times she will remind me that she still has to brush her teeth.

Rose 4/4

Week 4

Year4 week4

– Rose went to a Star Wars themed birthday party this week. She came home with a “highlighter” aka a light saber.

– While packing up my closet Rose found my snow boots. She wore them around the house for two days. They were a little big but if she tightened the laces she would not trip that often. If I would have let her she would have worn them out of he house as well.