Things I know – Carseats

things i know

thingsi know carseat

1- Is there anything harder than researching and choosing a car seat? Ok. maybe looking for a house is the only thing to beat it. But do you go with only getting the best bargain, safety overrides all, or should we throw it all out the window and to what our parents did by seeing who was the strongest lasts the longest. Suggestions????

I do have to say when I first saw Mr. Cow seat I wondered who in their right mind would want that in their car? Now that I have seen it for a bit he has grown on me but not enough that I would choose that pattern.

2- They have this in ice cream form!!!!!!!
Confession- I have a jar of the spread for my own consumption with finger scoops in it. It is such a good pick me up when you are having a sugar craving moment.

3- I am in love with the illustrations of Daisy and Josephine by Melissa Gilbert. The story needed a little more work but I loved reading it to Rose so that I could see the pictures again.

4- Tis the season. Pumpkin in all shapes and forms are heading your way and waist line.
Get ready. Check it out.

Rose 3/20

Year 3 Week 20

Year3 week20

– The hot and cold game is one that Rose loves to play. I name an item and she say’s if it is hot or cold. She likes to play it so much that I run out of things that are exclusively hot or cold.

– While at the mall Rose asked if she could play on the coin operated rides. She had never been on one before so Tom was excited to have her try one out. She was only willing to sit inside in the pink school bus and when it started sliding back and forth she freaked out. She was frozen in fear and started yelling for Mommy. I had to pull her out and hold her to calm her down. Guess we should have warned her about what was going to happen.

Charlie 0/22

Week 22

week 22

– Charlie loves sitting outside and seeing all that there is to see. This week he has seen lakes, mountains, and the desert.

– Yesterday while out shopping I was carrying Charlie in the baby Bjourn. Through out the store random people would start smiling at me and I would wonder why they would do such a thing. Then I realized that they were responding to Charlie’s smiles.