Things I know – Princess

things i knowthingsi know princess

1. The princess has killed the witch. Tonight I saw hundreds of children dressed up for Halloween half of them were Princesses to my recollection I didn’t see one witch. So I say again the princess has killed the witch.

2. Awesome costumes.

3. Jimmy Fallon is giving blueprints for all of us to dress up like him.

4. This would be my costume if I was really serious about dressing up this year.

Things I know- Braids

things i knowthingsi know- braids

1- I thought a braid was a braid. I was the youngest kid so I never had someone to experiment hairdo’s on. Some day I will try these different braids on Rose. photo credit

2- My five things essential things would be seat, wheels, easy access basket, cup holder, and sturdy buckles. Their 5 things

3-  Sometimes looking back you find exactly what you like. Vintage rings are always beautiful.

4- I am down to pre-Charlie weight but myself is not back to its original self. Which means somethings fit and others just laugh at me for trying them on. It is better and funnier explained here.

Charlie 0/28

Week 28

week 28

– This is how Charlie looks at Daddy. Every time he walks in to room Charlie starts to grin. It makes me happy to see him love his Daddy so much.

– He can sit up all by himself. He has had a few soft fall and one good solid thud to the floor fall but now he has the hang of it. He has yet to roll over by himself. I guess he has not seen the point of rolling.

Rose 3/25

Year 3 Week 25

Year3 week25

– We took the car to the shop to get something fixed. Rose’s first reaction at seeing the open bays with mechanics working was to declare that we had found “the steam works” as in where Thomas the Train sleeps at night. Her next observation was that in order to have the car fixed it needed to be up in the air and have the wheels taken off. We were having the window fixed so unfortunately the wheels did not come off.

– Rose started a gymnastic class. She is learning to flip, jump, and balance. When they asked her to do cartwheels it was a little to much at this stage of the game. It is the highlight of her whole Tuesday.

Hallween Countdown fun

Here are some other things we have been up to for “happy Halloween” from our Halloween Countdown Calender

coloring pumpkins

Coloring pumpkins card

Rose chose the color and we took turns coloring the pumpkins. We still have to send it off to someone in the mail.

monster door

Making our front door a Monster.

Rose loves this one every time we leave the house she smiles and laughs at her silly monster.