Family night at the Drive-in

One of our favorite things for family night is going to the drive-in movie. So we packed the back of the car with lots of water, snacks, pillows for the kids and folding chairs for the parents to see the Inside and Out movie.

Going to the drive in is something that not everyone gets to do because there are not very many of them left. I had never been to one till Tom and I went for a date night two years ago.

drivein movie1

If you ask Rose if she want’s to go to the drive in or the regular theater she has no hesitation as to which one she prefers. You can’t lay back in a bed of pillows with your feet up at the regular theater. Which is exactly what she did the whole movie.

drivein movie

So if you are in Las Vegas looking for something to do try West Wind Drive in for a movie.

Clearing the kitchen counter top

Tom has declared that we need to clear off the kitchen counter tops. If your kitchen is like mine items gets placed there and it soon attracts other stuff like super magnets. To avoid this phenomenon we are paring down what needs to be left on the counter.

Two things that I think need to be handy on the counter top are a utensil holder and a spoon holder.

kitchen etsy

Whisks, serving spoons, and other bulky utensils don’t need to take up drawer space so a great looking pot is my solution.Add one with some character to support the theme of your kitchen.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you have to put a spoon down while you are cooking.  You then have the mess of cooking and as a bonus a puddle of food left on your counter to clean up. Solution- a spoon rest.

1- back bay pottery
2- claylicious
3- cats paw pottery
4- cojocreations

Rose 4/10

Week 10

Year4 week10

– Rose was more interested in Grandma’s red umbrella than the parade but she still wanted candy. She figured Mom could go to go pick it up after they threw it.

– Lately Beauty and the Beast sound track is the most requested for our afternoons. Rose likes the mob song best. She asks “Mom, is this the kill the Beast song?” It is an odd choice for a favorite.

Charlie 1/13

Week 13


– Happy fourth of July. For Charlie it meant chilling in the stroller to watch the parade, sucking down Mom’s lemonade, and being woke up from a nap with a firecracker.

– While reading a book about what different animals say I learned Charlie figured how to meow like a cat and woof like a dog. It is the sweetest thing to hear.

Updating our kitchen stool

It took two weeks after moving to do my first painting project.

I really like my Ikea step stool. I have been intending to paint the steps since I bought it.  The wood is untreated so there was a problem of dirt lingering so I busted out the paint and had Rose help me.

ikea stool

Yep, I had Rose help paint. She spreads the first few strokes of paint and then I make sure it is all smoothed out. It takes a lot of my patience for her to help but I remind myself that I want to do fun creative projects with her.

ikea stool1

Here are some other examples of upcycled Ikea step stools
Emily Benziger
apartment therapy
decor pad
freckles chick

Open shelves

I have a blank wall in my kitchen. Problem- What should I do to make it beautiful while most useful? Possible Solution- Open Shelving.

Centsational Style

I like all of these because the shelves themselves have character. If the shelf has style then the things on it doesn’t need to be fancy. Everyday items like glasses, plates, and mugs will look good.

AKA Design
the nest

I also like this idea because it gives me a place to store/show special items. Serving bowl, cake plates, pitchers, and colanders out of the back of the cabinets making more room for other things.

Our vintage home love

So go with raw stained wood or painted with a accent color? And where do I find beautiful serving dishes?