Drawing trees

My first year of college I wanted to be a landscape architect. What was I thinking? Me with all that math? Anyways that year I took a drawing workshop from Mike Lin. I was amazed at how beautiful his style was and how fast he could draw.

I still find it beautiful even if I don’t draw just trees for a living.

Things I know – wipes

things i know

thingsi know wipes

1- I was changing a messy diaper the other day and a question came to me. What in the world did they do before baby wipes?

2- Because of clammy little hands that have a death grip buns and ponytails are my only choice of hairstyle for a while.

3- Funnies of epic fails of what is seen on pinterest. Sometimes ideas should be left as ideas.

4- Another funny just for Friday.

Rose 3/16

Year 3 Week 15

Year3 week16

- Rose watched the movie Brave for the first time this week. I guess it has really been on her mind because this morning she told me not to turn into a bear.

- I think the reason Rose likes to dress up like a princess to go to the store is so that people will notice her and say how beautiful she is. It really works cause the workers at Costco are most complementary.

Good things know from baby #1

When Rose was born I was a mess. A plain and simple mess I had to learn things thru experience. Now that I have some of the same problems I am grateful to have at least some of the answers.

Helpful baby lessons-kellygreenshoppe

Here are some of the things I am grateful to know the 2nd go around

1. Diaper sizes over lap
Each size overlaps the next one. Pay attention to when diaper blowouts increase this is an indication that it is time to move up a size. It is always better to have a diaper that is to big than to have one two small. trust me

2. Babies need a schedule.
An eat, play, sleep schedule is something that I learned from reading Baby Wise. This saved my sanity when I was directed to read it. But with any parenting book take the good parts and leave the rest.

3. The car seat needs to be adjusted
When Rose was @ one month she started to hate the car seat. After a week of crying while in the car it finally occurred what the problem. She has grown + I have not adjusted the straps = squished crying baby. The car seat should fit two fingers under the straps to keep little ones safe and comfy.

4. Crying can be ok
Discerning what level of cry the baby is on helps to your stress level. Fussiness is ok. If you sooth every thing the moment they need it you will regret it for years to come. Trust me I am regretting it now.

5. Clothing sizing is complicated.
If clothes say 3-6 months don’t wait. Bring it out for the smallest month size it says or you might miss the window of opportunity. Different brands can mean different sizing. A size 6m in one brand can be smaller or larger than another brand. But most important don’t pull the tags off till you have tried it on to make sure it fits.

6. Other Mom’s are the best source of information
Let me repeat other Mom’s are the best source of information.

7. Use your suction ball to get boogers
Spray saline water in the nose to loosen then suck them out with the ball. You will be amazed how such a big booger came out of such a small nose. Saline water is also great for mornings where the air is dry and noses get clogged.

Rose 3/15

Year 3 Week 15

Year3 week15

- While at Costco Rose saw people with unnaturally red and blue hair in order to have her not stare I acknowledged it and said it was cool. This morning she asked me if she could color her hair?

- Funny things Rose says- She calls popsicle tricycles, a slushie is a squishie, and smoothie are smoooies. When she gets hurt she will say “ouch that hurts my bones”.

Getting in the picture

For my goal of taking more pictures with my children I took a moment in my day to take some. I thought it was fitting that I take our picture in the same place that I have done before. You could just see Charlie this time. photo booth

This is my favorite one cause it shows just what a goof I am to get a smile from Charlie.

photo booth best

since it is Thursday here is a throw back